I Have Totally Shifted My Thoughts on Writing My Memoir Now

Michelle Monet
Mar 18 · 2 min read

— even since starting this Publication


You know how they say the only constant is change?

Well, I must admit I’ve changed my mind about my Memoir.

I’ve written often about how we have the right to change our minds about stuff. I realized that I’ve shifted my beliefs about my Memoir.

Funny, but a few months ago when I had the idea of this publication I was in a totally different mind space and head space. Now, I admit my feelings have changed.

Here are a few things I’ve changed my mind about writing my Memoir:

  1. I thought I had to write it. Now I’m not sure I do.
  2. I thought it would help me get closure if I wrote it, but now I think I might be able to have closure even if I don’t.
  3. I thought it was sooo damn important in my life to put my story down on paper — to tell my deep daunting survival story. Now I’m questioning that idea.
  4. I thought I had a damn riveting story to tell, because I lived though so much shit and SURVIVED it. I thought it was somehow my duty (?) to TELL IT. Now I am rethinking that point.
  5. I thought I had to get it all UP and OUT of me, like an Exorcism. Now I think I can do that in other ways —maybe it’s not necessary to write the Memoir.
  6. Maybe I have too much unresolved family shit in my life and it would be best to put it off (yet again!)
  7. Maybe I’ll write it later when family members are gone?
  8. Maybe I’ll write more than one Memoir and it won’t necessarily be the one BIG daunting one I was originally thinking?
  9. Maybe I don’t want to relive the painful shit after all!
  10. Maybe I’ll never write it.
  11. Maybe all of this is ok. Being in the state of UNCERTAINTY might be just fine.

Contact me at: michelle@michellemonet.com

Michelle Monet

Written by

Musician. Author. Poet. Cat Mama. Seeker. Curious Creator. Currently writing showbiz memoir and Broadway style Musical. contact: michelle@michellemonet.com

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