Diversity & Inclusion

We’ve relaunched our project and website with an increased effort to be more inclusive. As part of that, we’ve also collected some articles that we think shed light on the topics of diversity and inclusion, which include conversations around tokenism, bias and privilege. We highlight them here because they help to paint a fuller picture of the problem many of us hope to solve.

Tech’s Harassment Crisis Now Has an Arsenal of Smoking Guns

by Alexis Sobel Fitts

#FFFFFF Diversity

by Erica Joy

Not a Black Chair.

by Amélie Lamont

It is Bigger Than Microaggressions

by Kortney Ziegler

#iamdoingprogramming made me feel more alienated from the tech community

by Christina Truong

It’s time for Asian American men to stop being “Model Minority” in tech.

by Anil Dash

No, Paul Boag, Actively Seeking Minority Speakers is NOT Disenfranchising Men.

by Heather O’Neill

The Top 10 (%) Tech Rules

by Leslie Miley

Coding Is A Privilege, Part 2: What Can You Do About It?

by Alisha Ramos

Exclusion and Exceptionality in the Pipeline

by Julia Nguyen

An Ugly Side of Women in Tech Organizations

by Julia Nguyen

Grace Hopper organizers struggle to practice the diversity they advocate

by Megan Rose Dickey

The Pie is Rotten: Re-Evaluating Tech Feminism in 2016

by Amy Nguyen

Women and Minorities Are Penalized for Promoting Diversity

by Stefanie K. Johnson and David R. Hekman