Webinar Highlights: A Survival Kit for Your First Hackathon

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Are you interested in participating in a hackathon but don’t know where to start? Christopher Gwilliams, a women++ Board Member and Computer Scientist can help you get ready.

Watch the webinar “A Survival Kit for Your First Hackathon”, where Chris talks about how to get the most out of a hackathon without stress, overworking and having an unhealthy sleeping schedule. Chris also reminds us that hackathons are not only for coders but designers, business-related fields, etc. Every expertise adds to the table and play a role in the development of an idea.

By watching this webinar, you’ll learn:

  • How to work in a team and what tools to use to communicate with your team.
  • How to solve problems together and the importance of having team members with different backgrounds.
  • How not to get stuck with something that’s not working, and try something new.
  • How to do eye-catching presentations and tools to help you with that.
  • How to set to be more productive during the hackathon.

One of Chris’ most essential pieces of advice is that people should attend hackathons for themselves and not forget to have fun and learn new things, not just work.

Watch the full webinar (including Q&A)

Want to learn from Chirs’ experience in participating in and organising many hackathons? Check out the recording of the webinar!

Watch webinar “Survival Kit For Your First Hackathon”

Hackathon Cheat Sheet

Drop us a line at team@womenplusplus.ch to receive Chris’ “CHEAT SHEET” with a summary of the best tips and tricks for your Hackathon success experience! It includes:

  • Tips for team building
  • Prep and prep some more
  • What to prioritize during a hackathon
  • Tips for solving the challenge
  • Useful tools
  • Resources for coding during the hackathon
  • More useful content from women++

About Hack’n’Lead

This webinar was part of the preparatory events leading to Hack’n’Lead 2023, Switzerland’s first women-friendly hackathon and event organized by women++. Hack’n’Lead will take place in November 2023.

You can register your interest here now, and receive more information about this inclusive hackathon!

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