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Everything you need to know about becoming a writer with us

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Who We Are

The Women’s Independent Publishing Network (WIPN) is a community for women who work in self and independent publishing. We aim to champion and amplify the rise of the female voice. We will soon be launching our membership group that will provide support, guidance and opportunities to help women get succeed in publishing. Our publication on Medium is an extension of the community we’re building and an opportunity for writers to hone their craft and be seen and heard on a new platform.

Feel free to follow our admin Camilla Fellas Arnold. If you have any questions, feel free to reach out.

What We’re Looking For

We’re looking for unique voices and interesting takes on topics within publishing, writing, personal development, women’s voices and history. We especially love personal essays imparting gems of wisdom, first-person accounts and creatively written guides.

If you choose to talk about writing or publishing, we’re looking for something unique rather than anything we could easily Google. Put your own spin on it! Make it yours and bring your personality to the writing rather than a list of top ten books to teach us to write better or quotes from spiritual gurus — dig in deeper and find the gold. What’s the real story behind what you want to write? Don’t go with the obvious first answers!

Submission Guidelines

We want to get to the heart of your story, not just drop and run. We do not accept submissions under a three-minute read length.

Follow our publication, read and engage with our existing and upcoming content. Community is at the heart of WIPN so get to know and support your fellow authors!

Ensure your submission is ready to publish. Before submission, please check your article for errors as we’re not going to heavily edit for you. Run it through Grammarly or similar as a final check to make sure you didn’t miss anything.

Take time to structure and craft your article. We don’t want click-bait style headlines or articles that are all over the place. Make sure your story has a strong narrative thread and follow it, nothing half-baked, please.

We accept nonfiction and some fiction/poetry but please ensure it is at least a three-minute read.

Don’t use the article as one giant plug for your services. You can have one call to action at the end (for example, to follow or sign up for your newsletter). Articles that sound too salesy, spammy or self-promoting will not be accepted.

Share original content. Don’t plagiarise, it’s just not cool.

Cite your sources using primary sources wherever available.

We are happy to accept articles you may have written for your own website/blog previously. If a story has been published elsewhere previously, check your exclusivity period before submission.

Please ensure your submission is in line with Medium’s policies as follows: Rules, Plagiarism Guidelines, Duplicate Content Policy, Ad-Free Policy and Distribution Policy.

How To Submit

Follow our publication.

Reply to this article with ‘I want to be a writer for Women’s Independent Publishing Network’ and we will add you. Please note it may take up to three working days to add you.

Once added, submit your story to us as a draft and allow up to five working days for your article to be accepted and published.

Help us grow by sharing your published article with your network and friends!

Thank you so much, we can’t wait to publish your work!