2 Months to Go Until the #WomensWave takes place around the World!

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Anyone from anywhere in the world can add their event on to the Global Platform. The steps are simple and outlined below.

If you already are in the planning stages for your event — check out our Wiki Toolkit! We are continuously updating the toolkit but here is what you can find there now:

  • Sample Press Releases anyone can use
  • Event ideas for the #WomensWave
  • Graphics
  • Info Behind the Theme — End Violence Against Women.


1. Have you signed up as a Member of the Women’s March Global Platform? If not, join here.

2. Find out more info! For information about starting a Member-Led Event, click here.

3. To start your event, click on your profile image and go to ‘My Events’. There you will see your current Events and will be able to Create an Event!

Stay Tuned:

We will be releasing a Global Toolkit for End Violence Against Women on 10 Dec! This will be available to anyone anywhere in the world!

Stand With Saudi Feminists

Last week we released our coalition action — #StopFundingWar.

You can take part in this action by visiting the link above.

We need your voice more than ever.

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Tenzin Kyisarh is the Communications Manager for Women’s March Global.