Throughout the world, people are coming together to tell sexual assault survivors that they are believed, supported, and loved.

This is due to the great actions that Women’s March National is carrying out to support Dr. Blasey Ford, and oppose Brett Kavanaugh’s nomination to the Supreme Court.

Our partner, Equality Now, who support women’s wellbeing and safety throughout the world, honored of survivors with a walkout.

Members WM Global Chapters also took to twitter to be in solidarity with survivors, and to proclaim that we will live in world where women’s allegations are believed.

Barcelona-based Jessica Craig connected this moment with the #NiUnaMenos movement in Latin America, which fights all forms of violence against women, and with the #LaManada tragedy, which left a woman in Spain without justice for her sexual assault.

The epidemic of sexual assault will come to an end when we begin to believe women’s allegations against abusers.

All people deserve respect, empathy and trust after they have experienced a traumatic event, like sexual assault, and all people, especially men, should work for a world where this is a reality.