Estudiantes militando por el derecho al aborto

Lucila and her compañeras

“Entendí el valor de conocer el recorrido de otras compañeras que ya lucharon por las mujeres en el pasado y tener presente su legado y que no hay que naturalizar la opresión de las mujeres en ningún ámbito sino luchar contra la opresión de género y de clase”, dice.

“Mi consejo es que se sumen. Las necesitamos a todas y todas necesitamos esta revolución. Ser nuestras propias voceras en esta lucha que es urgente para poder decidir sobre nuestros cuerpos, sobre nuestras vidas, nuestros destinos. La organización de las mujeres es el único camino”.

Students fighting for the right to abortion

“I understood the value of knowing the journey of other women who have already fought for women in the past and to keep in mind their legacy and that women’s oppression should not be naturalized in any sphere, but rather to fight against the oppression of gender and class”, she says. The importance of sisterhood, of solidarity between women regardless of the journey they took before arriving to feminism is another lesson she has learned from the women who have struggled along with her.

“My advice is that they join in the struggle. We need you all. And you all need this revolution. To be our own voice in this fight which is critical to be able to make decisions about our own bodies, our own lives, our own destinies. The women’s organizing is the only way forward.”



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