First Global Community News!

News from Women’s March Global

Today marks the first edition of Global Community News — a roundup I am proud to write — of news, thoughts, discussions from our amazing Community of Organisers.

The heartbeat of Women’s March Global is our passionate community of organisers who include women and allies around the world working to push for change. This weekly publication will serve to showcase the work of the Community along with highlighting what’s on our radar this week.

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Announcing the #WomensWave

6 Million people around the world marched 21st Jan 2017 and united in what we now know as the Women’s March. Last year we had 120 marches in 34 countries around the global. We are excited to launch our Anniversary Event for Women’s March Global with the theme #WomensWave. Join us.

#BelieveSurvivors — Global Solidarity

We have all witnessed the events of the last month in the U.S. surrounding the Kavanaugh hearings. Last week the world watched the bravery of Dr. Ford as she relived her trauma on an international scale. Women are having to reopen old wounds and traumas just to make those in power hear us. This is not an easy process and it has been just a difficult struggle for many of us to witness.

Our Global community showed their support for survivors in a Social Media action the day of Dr. Ford’s hearing and we will continue to speak out.

From Left to Right: Jessica from Women’s March Paris, Change the Narrative (Women’s March Sydney) and Cecilia from Women’s March Barcelona

Key Elections we are Focused On

On the 7th of October, two elections are taking place thousands of miles apart from each other — but the results of the elections could have an major impact for women’s rights and safety.


Last month Women’s March Global partnered with WILPF Cameroon (a section with the Women’s International League for Peace and Freedom) to hold a Social Media for Peace training. Worldwide, the impact of social media being used to spread hate messages has been seen. From Myanmar, Sri Lanka, and Cameroon — one hate message on social media can spark mob violence, death, and horrific violence.

Women’s March Global has used the power of social media since the beginning of its’ inception to promote social justice messaging to include the message of peace and women’s rights. Through the voting election campaigns (#VoteContraLaHaine, #VotaControLOdio and #VoteAgainstHate) in French, Italy and the Netherlands, Women’s March Global has been able to reach over one million people with the message of peaceful elections, encouraging people to get out and vote, and to hold policy makers accountable for the promotion and implementation of women’s rights and peace.

From Left to Right: Sylvie — WILPF Cameroon President, Uppaultine — WILPF Cameroon Member, Uma — Women’s March Global

To create a chance for peaceful elections to occur in these countries where conflict runs high and violence against women is increasing could possibly affect and influence the contribution of a stable democracy in this critical region.

Watch for the Hashtag #SocialMediaForPeace on the 6th of October and help support WILPF Cameroon in spreading the message for peaceful elections in Cameroon the day before the election.


On Saturday, Sept. 29 in 52 cities around the world, hundreds of thousands of people united in solidarity with the Brazilian women fighting for their rights and saying #EleNão.

They are protesting the right-wing Brazilian presidential candidate Jair Bolsonaro — a former military officer who has been a member of the Chamber of Deputies since 1991 and has recently come under scrutiny for his racist and misogynistic remarks about women, the LGBTQ community, and people of color.

We see the rise of right-wing politicians around the world and the impact they are having as they slowly take away the rights of those most marginalised. Bolsonaro is leading the polls currently with 30% intended votes. Thus, the #EleNao movement makes an urgent outcry to mobilise women to speak out against Bolsonaro’s attack against their rights.

Free Saudi Women Update

Our Free Saudi Women Coalition has recently learned that Loujain Al Hathloul’s condition in prison has deteriorated drastically. She has now been detained for over 100 days and was one of the most profiled activists for Saudi Women and their right to drive.

Help us get our petition to over 1/2 million people so that we can continue to build pressure on the oppressive Saudi government.

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Over 25,000 people for the past two days have been marching from Galiwor to Delhi to demand land rights for farmers.

Did you see the amazing 10 year old DJ Switch from Ghana who was recently featured at the Gates Foundation Goalkeepers event?

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