Global Toolkit Launch Day!

Over the past 16 days, Women’s March Global has been highlighting — every day — the different ways in which women experience violence around the world. The staggering number that 1 in 3 women will experience violence in their lifetime or the stat that the most dangerous place for women in their own home is a stark reminder of the immense work that is ahead of all of us.

Our Global Community has also shared their own stories of experiences during the 16 days of Action:

Aurora from Women’s March Milan shared an interview she conducted with a domestic violence survivor that is not only powerful but heartbreaking and serves as a reminder of the struggle that women face in escaping violence.
Michelle, our Digital Director — published an especially powerful read on the violence that transgender people face.

Today Women’s March Global is launching our End Violence Against Women toolkit. We have put this toolkit together so that we as individuals are aware of the gross atrocities and struggles faced by women and girls all over the world.

Through this toolkit, we aim to provide the global community a perspective into the recent statistics, laws and various types of violence faced by women. The toolkit scratches only the surface of the information and resources available and lays the foundation to our second-anniversary march this 19–20 Jan 2019 and the why and for whom we March.

Join us on Jan. 19–20 in solidarity with the Women’s Wave and speak out for the rights, freedom, and justice for women and allies everywhere!

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Tenzin Kyisarh is the Communications Manager for Women’s March Global.