HER by Aja Monet

Today we start our G7: Lead with Courage series calling on all G7 leaders to center the voices of the most marginalised in the policies and decisions they make.

We debut this week with a poem by Aja Monet, an internationally renowned poet and activist of Cuban and Jamaican descent.

HER — a Women’s March Global film, Poem written and spoken by Aja Monet.

This poem is a grassroots perspective of women around the world. A raw look into the challenges, obstacles and realities of women. The story of a woman is diverse. There are many stories to be told. And we must take time to hear them all. These stories are the reason for change across the globe.

Each story is unique, featuring different scars and different paths striving for revival. But they all share one common trait: they come from the voice of the most marginalised. Despite what corner of the world they come from, the language they speak, or the education they have, their stories grow from the same root.

At this G7, when leaders come together from the developed world, the focus should be put onto the most marginalised people. These all too familiar, persistent stories must be placed at the forefront with a mission to drive change.

Women’s March Global asks the G7 leaders to Lead With Courage.


You can follow Aja on her Website, Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter.


Poem written and spoken by Aja Monet

Directed and Edit by Jackson Hyland-Lipski

Videography by Nick Whelan and Jackson Hyland-Lipski

Music by Podgy Beats