India — Farmers Fight for Land Rights

25,000 people lead a peaceful march to Delhi

From Ekta Parishad.

Today on Gandhi Jayanti — 25,000 landless and homeless farmers and poor people are marching from Gwalior to Delhi, India to demand a fair distribution of land rights and to listen to the needs of farmers.

Ekta Parishad — (means: One Land/Earth)- is an Indian organisation based in the Gandhian philosophy of non-violent struggle. Since the 1970s the organisation has worked to help marginalised communities organise and take collective action to push the government to enforce laws that protect the land, farmers, and natural resources.

From Ekta Parishad

In the age of industrialisation those most affected are people who live off the land and provide food for the rest of the world. The non-violent organising of Ekta Parishad is yet another example of how those most marginalised fight for the rights of all people. For in fighting for their right to live with dignity and on their land — they fight for the production of food for all and the protection of the planet.

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