Our 2020 Strategy

Maya Hendler
Sep 4 · 2 min read

Today Women’s March Global released our strategy for 2020, to share the vision for our future as a Global Community and a Global Movement.

Over the past 8 months we have been working collectively to refine and redefine our purpose as a movement, so that we can honestly and powerfully claim who we are. It is vitally important to us as a grassroots movement that our work always reflects the challenges and needs of our current reality. Our 2020 strategy is frank and bold in its approach to the work, both highly visible and everyday, that we all must do in order to see the unraveling of the systems that bind us all.

We also know that everyone should be welcomed to do their part. In 2020 we are re-committing to our roots, to creating points of entry for participation, and inviting all who are concerned about the state of women’s human rights to join us.

Read our 2020 Strategy here!

The World We Need from our new 2020 Strategy! Read more to find out our bold plan for our way forward.

Find out more about who we are as an organisation and read our Global Unity Principles — the guiding principles for the international movement and the foundation from which we operate.

Read our 2020 Strategy here!

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Maya Hendler is the Programmes and Communications Associate at Women’s March Global.

Maya Hendler

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