Solidarity with the People of Palestine

Representing: All aspects of the H.E.R.S Framework.

Day 5 of #16DaysOfGlobal — Today we stand in solidarity with the People of Palestine.


Today is the 70th anniversary of UN Resolution 181–2 — the resolution called for an end to the British Mandate and a recommendation for the mandatory partition of Palestine.

It is also the 40th anniversary of the declaration of the International Day of Solidarity with the Palestinian people. Women’s March Global stands in solidarity with the people of Palestine on this day and every day — but what does it mean to show solidarity?

Here at Women’s March Global we work everyday to raise our voices and speak out against systems of oppression that work to strip away people’s basic human rights. We say often that there can be no Peace without Justice, and there can be no Justice without Peace.

But where is the Justice or Peace for the people of Palestine? Palestinian people have been living under illegal occupation for 50 years. They have had their land, livelihood, and lives taken away. They have been killed for resisting the illegal occupation of their homes and their country. The have been denied their independence.

These are the facts and we will continue to speak out against the systemic oppression of the people of Palestine.

There can be no peace for the people of Palestine without Justice.

There can be no justice for the people of Palestine without Peace.


If you want to learn more about the occupation of Palestine and the human rights abuses that have occurred, you can read Amnesty International’s report here.