Violence Against Women Ranked the Top Issue by 68% of Women Globally

Global Count poll data from 150+ countries reflect this week’s disturbing headlines.

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Mar 16 · 3 min read
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From Mexico, to Australia, to England - widespread and prevalent violence against women is triggering mass protests and subsequent backlash.

In Mexico City on International Women’s Day, women protesting against femicide were sprayed with tear gas.

In London on Saturday, hundreds of women gathered in a park to memorialise a young woman who had been kidnapped, murdered, and dismembered earlier this month — and some were arrested.

In Myanmar, the military coup means a reimposing of a patriarchal order that has suppressed women in the country for half a century. Women are pushing back in protest, but nearly 600 have been arrested.

In Australia on Sunday, tens of thousands of women took to the streets to protest against sexual abuse and harassment in what’s said to be the largest uprising by women that Australia has ever seen.

Women all over the world are protesting violence and met with violence — and this demonstrates shocking institutional neglect of women’s voices.

Women’s concerns about violence are underscored by the first findings from the Global Count, our global mapping project that aims to redefine how women’s opinions, needs, and perspectives are taken into consideration by governments, institutions, and international organisations.

Two months post-launch, nearly 20,000 women and gender-diverse people from over 150 countries have contributed their voices to this project. The picture so far is showing us that ending violence, harassment and abuse is the top issue facing women and gender-diverse people. An astonishing 68% of respondents, globally, cited gender-based violence as one of the three most critical issues to them as a person.

Of course, violence against women is not a new phenomenon, but these high-profile cases and the Global Count’s early results are overwhelming proof that we haven’t made the necessary social, political, and systemic progress needed to eliminate violence against women. Furthermore, our data so far demonstrates the need for tangible and urgent action to eliminate gender-based violence.

The Global Count data shows that women all over the world are impacted by violence and they demand tangible and urgent action. It is deeply concerning that women worldwide are so driven to speak up that they are answering our poll in the tens of thousands, and even risking convening during a public health emergency to raise awareness of the onslaught of violence against women.

And yet, in the billions of dollars being funneled into the global economies for pandemic relief efforts, there are no resources dedicated to eliminating the one issue women are unequivocally and collectively demanding to be addressed.

These perspectives must inform a global post-pandemic reset free of violence against girls, women, and gender-diverse people. Together, we have the power to redefine the global reset if we take collective action.

The Global Count continues to collect data, with a focus on improving the diversity of our respondents, both across geographical areas and demographics.

By taking this poll and sharing it widely within your communities, you contribute to the redirection of COVID-19 relief and other philanthropic and government funding towards the elimination of violence against girls, women, and gender-diverse people. The Global Count data will be shared with governments, funders, international NGOs, and local NGOs working on development.

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It is time we ensure that the voices of women and gender-diverse people are heard and counted. Because #WeCount.

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