While Saudi Arabia ‘Reforms’ Male Guardianship Laws, WHRDs remain behind bars.

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The 31st of July was Loujain’s 30th Birthday. She has spent over one year in prison.

Last week Saudi Arabia announced sweeping reforms to the oppressive Male Guardianship system. Through the reforms, women will finally be able to obtain passports and travel abroad without permission from a male guardian. The reforms also indicate that there will be increased protection against discrimination for Saudi women.

These reforms are very overdue — however, here’s why we are not celebrating. As we speak, Women Human Rights Defenders (WHRDs) who bravely advocated for the sweeping reform leading to the lift of the driving ban last year remain in prison after over one year. In the past year alone Saudi Arabia has:

  • Continued to torture and imprison Saudi Women’s Human Rights Defenders
  • Behead individuals including children
  • Continued to oppress and silence women under Male Guardianship
  • Tracked and silenced dissidents on social media
  • Ordered the extrajudicial killing of journalist Jamal Khashoggi
  • Brutally murdered Jamal Khashoggi — to this date there has been little accountability
  • Continued bombing civilians in Yemen

Furthermore, foreign governments continue to fund and support the Saudi regime and have failed to hold Saudi Arabia accountable for continued human rights violations.

If we want true progress — we must unite for justice for freedom — for all Saudi Women.

Over 249K people have signed the petition calling on the United Nations to hold Saudi Arabia accountable for their gross human rights and immediately and unconditionally Free Saudi Activists.

Help us reach 250K — Add your name to the petition!

Learn more about our ongoing Free Saudi Activist Campaign.

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