White Ribbon Alliance and Women’s March Global are Joining Forces

Two weeks ago, the US Supreme Court overturned Roe v Wade, stripping women of a fundamental human right they have enjoyed for the past 50 years. This decision will exacerbate inequalities domestically and send a signal to the world that women’s lives are not equal to men’s.

As women’s rights are eroding around the world, strong, well-supported, and well-connected activists and advocacy groups are more necessary than ever before. It is vital that we sustain social movements and grassroots mobilization — raising our collective voice for the principles we value.

Given the continuous under-resourcing of feminist movements, and the urgent need to build more sustainable mechanisms for support and coordination between global partners, we are very happy to announce that White Ribbon Alliance (WRA) and Women’s March Global (WMG) are joining forces!

Both organizations represent global networks of thousands of individual activists, NGOs, and local groups — each carrying out the critical advocacy and community mobilizing necessary to advance our collective mission for gender justice. We know that the scale of what we can accomplish as a unified network will ensure longer-lasting, sustainable impact for the communities of women and girls we work with.

WRA follows the lead of women and girls — in all their identities and diversity — and is committed to modeling the world they want. For 20 years, WRA has successfully partnered with independent organizations, small groups, and individual mobilizers to organize advocacy campaigns in support of women’s and girls’ health, rights, and gender equality.

In the past five years alone, they have mobilized $330+ million in multi-government health and social programs, advocated for 40,000+ health facility improvements, and oversaw the implementation of 40+ health and gender policies. These successes have far-reaching impact, benefiting more than 500 million women and girls, globally.

…strong, well-supported, and well-connected activists and advocacy groups are more necessary than ever before.

WMG formed after January 21st, 2017, when millions of women and allies around the world took to the streets — including many who would never before have called themselves feminists, but who saw the need to stand up and speak out. They have since grown into a network of over 100 local Chapters worldwide, led by volunteer activists that act every day in their local communities to advance women’s human rights.

Like WRA, WMG also follows the lead of women and girls, making it their mission to amplify the voices of the marginalized, and facilitate a sense of global solidarity and community around these issues that affect us all. As such, there is a natural alignment between WRA and WMG’s principles, missions, and commitments to listen to women, amplify their voices, and put their needs first.

We both believe that women and girls are the experts in their own lives and that we should take our lead from them. Our approach is to ASK women, in all their diversity, what they want and need. LISTEN to their concerns and ideas for change, and then ACT on what they say, while galvanizing others to do the same.

Furthermore, both WMG and WRA believe that collaboration between like-minded organizations is the most effective way to achieve maximum impact, which is why coming together more permanently is so beneficial for both parties. As a key member of the Global Count Steering Committee (a WMG-led initiative launched in January 2021 in place of an in-person march), WRA has a longstanding history of effective partnership with WMG to ensure both networks are mobilized and supported, and that global institutions are accountable to women and girls.

This new union means that after six years of being a completely volunteer-managed organization, Women’s March Global will become a more strategic, stable, and sustainable initiative under the guidance and leadership of WRA, while WRA can leverage the drive and hyper-local knowledge of current WMG Chapters and connect them with the WRA community at large.

We are now at an exciting stage for both WRA’s and WMG’s development…

We are now at an exciting stage for both WRA’s and WMG’s development, transitioning into an even more expansive and powerful alliance by joining forces, combining efforts, and leveraging our existing networks. By coming together in this way, the WMG ethos and mission will live on through the WRA network.

Just as the world is changing, we must be nimble and flexible to achieve our goals. We are both very excited to enter this new chapter of our work and look forward to the day that every woman, girl, and gender-diverse person has the respect, equality, dignity, and autonomy they deserve.

Kristy Kade (CEO of White Ribbon Alliance) & Betsy Scolnik (Former Board Chair of Women’s March Global)



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