World Social Justice Day: Our Reflections

This year, Social Justice is more important than ever. #WeCount

Image by Women’s March Global

Last Saturday was World Social Justice Day: the international day to raise our collective voice and promote social justice — including efforts to tackle issues related to gender and racial inequalities that still permeate our communities.

The four pillars of social justice are human rights, access, participation, and equity. Without these essential principles, we can’t achieve true social justice.

So how can we ensure all these are measures, and areas for improvement identified?

Simple: We must ensure ALL voices are heard and counted.

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As Caroline Criado Perez, the author of Invisible Women: Data Bias in a World Designed for Men, wrote: the gap in gender data is not just about a silence about women. The gap has consequences that impact women’s lives every single day.

For us to make a real impact, we first need to know the current state of affairs. But to do this, we need to listen to all voices — especially those that are usually marginalised.

That’s why we recently launched the Global Count. A secure and anonymous way for all women and gender-diverse individuals to have their say about the issues that impact them — by flagging those affecting both them personally, and the wider communities where they live.

From transgender people not being counted in the U.S. census, to migrant, indigenous, and refugee women slipping through the cracks — so many of us struggle to have our voices heard as a result of countless different issues. But we are united in the same fight for social justice.

This is where YOU come in.

This is where YOU come in: the only expert on your own lived experiences — and the only one who can speak on your own behalf. Those who don’t usually get counted into decision-making will now get their moment.

The Global Count will ultimately produce a map of the most urgent gender-related issues in every part of the world to be used to shape future policies and funding allocations to strengthen our social justice efforts moving forward.

It’s time women define what social justice means to them — to spearhead the critical push for women’s equity globally.

Let’s make this year one where #WeCountALL of us. It’s our world and our voice.

Are you with us?

Be Counted here >>




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