The Largest Gay Pride in Asia

Everything you need to know about the Taiwan Gay Pride

October 28 will be the 15th Taiwan Gay Pride (Taiwan LGBT Pride 台灣同志遊行)

What is Taiwan Gay Pride?

The Taiwan Gay Pride is the annual gay pride parade in Taiwan. The parade was first held in 2003 and this year will be the 15th gay parade.

Where is it located?

Although the primary location has always been Taiwan’s capital city of Taipei and the parade hosted in Taipei is called the “Taiwan Gay Pride,” there are also five gay pride parades organized in other cities of Taiwan, the “Kaohsiung LGBT Pride,” “Hualien LGBT Pride,” “Taichung LGBT Pride” and “Tainan LGBT Pride.”

Is the “Taiwan LGBT Pride” same as “Taiwan Gay Pride” ?

Most people in Taiwan call the event “Taiwan Gay Pride” (台灣同志遊行) ,but the organizers, Taiwan LGBT Pride, translate the event as “LGBT Pride Day” in English. When questioned about the title, members of the Taiwan LGBT Pride say that “gay” (同志)has the meaning of “comrade” or “friend” in Chinese, so the word,“gay,” is inclusive and welcoming to the LGBT community.

The Coolest Theme

The 2017 theme is “Make Love, Not War — Sex Ed is the Way to Go,” to enforce education on gender equality and LGBTQIA rights.

Make Love, Not War. (Taiwan LGBT Pride 台灣同志遊行)

The Largest in Asia

The 2017 Taiwan Gay Pride is the first Gay Pride after Taiwan’s top court ruled that bans on same-sex marriages were unconstitutional on May 24, 2017. Many say that the upcoming 15th Taiwan Gay Pride in Taipei will be the largest LGBT event in Asia! When it started in 2003, only around 500 individuals participated the Gay Pride in Taipei, but last year over 80,000 took the streets. What do you think about this year? Will the Taiwan Gay Pride in Taipei be the largest LGBT event in Asia?

No matter how big the event will be, we hope everyone can “Make Love, Not War.” This Pride not only matters to gay community and the LGBTQIA community, but also offers a chance for all Taiwanese to unite, celebrate diversity and move forward for gender equality, justice and respect for all.

We join together with the rest of the world.

When is the Taiwan Gay Pride in Taipei?

The last Saturday of October each year is the Taiwan Gay Pride. The 2017 Taiwan Gay Parade in Taipei is on Saturday, October 28, 2017 at 1:30p.m.

Where is the Taiwan Gay Pride in Taipei?

The Taiwan Gay Pride in Taipei begins from Ketagalan Blvd.

Taiwan Gay Pride in Taipei route map:

There are 3 routes to the parade this year, North Route, South Route and West Route. Each route includes 3 colored lines. Nine colored lines will join for the rally. Women’s March Taiwan will be on the Purple Line this Saturday! We will keep you updated!

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