Aishah Samad

Aishah Samad, air rifle shooter in Singapore

“Life never stops when you’ve lost something. Even when the sky falls on you, they’re actually the small bits falling into the right places.” Aishah Samad lost all 4 limbs to a bacterial infection. But that hasn’t stopped her from being disciplined, tenacious and a strong fighter.

Q: Why is it that you love so much about shooting air rifle?

A: Air rifle. I don’t actually love air rifle. My actual discipline is small ball .22 the live rounds so why I love to shoot that live round is because that uh, gun power smell. I love the smell and I miss the smell. Seriously! I’m not kidding. Seriously, some people they love to hold the rifle or they feel that they, they feel that they have power with the rifle but I just feel that when I shoot, I just love the smell of the gun powder. Because my discipline was live round, .22 and I’ve only been shooting air for about a year.

Q: How big part of your life is shooting?

A: Very big. In fact, it is my passion. I love doing this because, whenever I hold the rifle I feel that whatever around me is not around me. I can just focus to the target. It’s about me and it’s about the target. So whatever problems I have around me, is not a problem. Then until I finish then the problem can come back.

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