Anamika Subba

Anamika Suubba, Outreach Officer in Childreach Nepal

A bold young woman with a big heart, Anamika Subba is an Outreach Officer with Childreach International, an organization that aims to improve access to healthcare, education and child protection. Starting out as an intern, this amazing young woman has led numerous aid missions in Nepal after the devastating earthquake in 2015, believes strongly in the power of education and tirelessly tries to bring about change in her country.

Q: What is Childreach all about?

A: Childreach has a motto which says, unlock a child’s potential. When we go around village and the schools, we promote a program. It is my school, my voice, they teach elder people what child right is and how important is education.

Q: Tell us what happened when the earthquake struck.

A: At first we all were cut off, there was no network, there was no lights. When I saw the first state of Melamchi, I was really scared. I took around six volunteers along with me. And we just went around for the survey and from the second time, there were more volunteers I had to lead. It’s not kind of leading, I was not only the leader. For me the whole volunteers were leaders for themselves. We were like hand in hand process.

Q: Why do you think you have this passion for the children?

A: As I used to live in Kathmandu, I used to see the students, they’ve got everything they needed. It’s kind of passion to me bringing back those things in rural areas. My hopes and dreams is to get a better Nepal, better education, better policies.

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