Dr Maya

Dr Maya Bhattachan, First Neurosurgeon in Nepal

Dr Maya Bhattachan’s is the first female neurosurgeon in nepal and her dedication knows no bounds. After the earthquake in 2015, Dr Maya has gone out of her way in helping others, including adopting a baby girl.

Q: Tell us a little bit about how you became the first neurosurgeon in Nepal

A: I started working in the neurosurgeon department. When I worked there, I got inspired by everybody working so hard. During the earthquake, it was a very big disaster. I was not in Nepal during the earthquake, when I came back, I went only to give relief material. It started with one step and then I joined another organization. And we went together with them.

Q: I know also that you are now currently trying to adopt an 11 month old girl.

A: She was brought to the emergency department with severe head injury. The child was thrown out from the second floor window by a drunken father. But the child survived and slowly, she recovered. I’m trying to adopt her because to give her back to the family is like letting her die.

Q: What is empowerment to you Dr Maya?

A: Being able to do what you feel is right, in your mind. That is real empowerment

For Dr Maya’s full video:

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