Kalyan Keo

Young activist promoting education in Cambodia

Kalyan Keo works with the United Nations Development Program, and is a big advocate of youth volunteerism and education. Her dedication to her country and family serve as an amazing source of inspiration to the young people of Cambodia.

Q: Can you tell us a little bit about how it was like growing up?

A: I am very humbled and probably one of the lucky women in Cambodia to be born in a family that values education. My parents always make me study very hard. I ended up getting a scholarship from the government.

Q: How did you get involved with volunteerism and social work?

A: I mean being out side of Cambodia, it really brought new ideas, brought different perspectives and really shaped my passion for the future. So that’s how I started to be passionate about development. Because I thought that seeing Australia, seeing Singapore, Cambodia is so far behind. I would like to explain to the world that Cambodia, besides its daunting history, we still have the bright side.

Q: What is empowerment to you?

A: Empowerment to me is from the inside but I think the main driver is about the individual itself

For Kalyan’s full video:


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