Yap Qian Yin

Yap Qian Yin, inspiring ASEAN Para Games sailor from Singapore

“Be daring. Don’t be afraid because in this life, you only live once. Don’t leave any regrets for yourself.” Yap Qian Yin was only 17 when she had a leukemia relapse, and was forced to make a decision to either save her legs, or her life. Qian Yin overcame all obstacles and now represents Singapore in the ASEAN Para Games.

Q: From not liking sailing to becoming so passionate about the sport; how did that come about?

A: I like the freedom, definitely I want to do the ultimate best and not just do for fun. So that is where I started to have my dreams, where I want to push myself to the highest stage. If not for sailing, I think I would have just lost myself.

Q: What is it that you have learned from sailing?

A: I learn that no pain no gain. What I want for sailing, I have to really put in 100%. There’s a lot of sacrifices that nobody sees. Sometimes, being pushed to the limit that you really cry. But I think at the end of the day, the return is definitely sweetest.

Q: So it was a decision of whether to save your life or to save your legs. How was that period like for you?

A: It was definitely a hell period because it’s not just my own emotions to deal with. My mom is someone who has been with me throughout my journey since I’m young till now. Because a lot of emotional things I’ve gone through with her. I’m actually showing it out through action, through sailing.

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