Libra Horoscope 2018: Love, Career, Money, Health

Libra Horoscope 2018

libra horoscope 2018

Libra Horoscope of the year 2018

This year 2018 will be an ideal year to peek into the well of wishes. Ask what you want and throw the coin waiting for it to be fulfilled. The time has come to do what you like most, to dedicate a little more to what you love and what you feel passion for.

The last five years have represented a period of inactivity and a certain retrospection and now everything will come to light.

Your great hopes and longings will be arriving at this year progresses. You will have to start planning a small reward from today as a year full of good news awaits you.


The solar eclipse of the 15th day will give full effect to your relationship. It will push you directly to take an important step and fully strengthen your relationship. It will be a moment of great intensity and romanticism, you will see in the first person what it feels like to love you with all your heart.

That feeling of having someone who would give your life for you will be something that will fill you with emotions. In August a small crisis may come, vacations are moments to express themselves, but they can also bring certain unexpected difficulties.

The money will be one of the main causes of conflicts, there are debts that you will incur with it and that you will have to pay half. To avoid problems, make the financial issue clear from the start and do not let passion and love blind you completely.

Work and Money:

On a professional level, 2018 will be one of the best years you can remember. At last, you will dedicate yourself to what you have been preparing for so long. A lucky moment will bring you unexpected benefits at the beginning of the year.

You will associate with the right people who will bring you one of the best projects you could do. In order to be more productive, you must move or make some kind of modification in the way you work.

It is necessary, so you should not question your decisions at all, although it costs you to say yes to the first, you will have to do it. Someone in your family will give you money to fulfill one of your most secret dreams.

It will be something that you expected and that you needed to be able to feel better.


Good thoughts are a perfect barrier for all the diseases that surround us, it seems incredible but thanks to them you will not get sick. You will feel so good about your life that you will not stop for a second to focus on your ailments.

You will be great all this year 2018, with the same pains and worries as always, but very happy. The preventive prescriptions will also have helped this good state of health that you will have.

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