Shattering infinity and putting it together

Mario Vasilescu
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2 min readSep 6, 2017
Daniel Hertzberg for Nautilus

What I think about, when I think about creation. Press play and read on.

Playing with toys evolved into playing with ideas. Reflection became imagination.

Ejected from the the mold, we were dropped into systems and structures, like finely forged insects suddenly trapped in resin.

Bureaucracy, rules, definitions.

Our destiny is to break them. Smashing everything we’ve ever known into millions of infinitesimal fragments that recombine into the unknown. We take what is, to make what isn’t.

We begin to see the vastness of negative space. We begin to dream.

The world’s greatest choose to drop from the sky to leap into space. The eternal pursuit of abandoning perfection. Completion as irrelevance. The phoenix burns alive so that it may be reborn forever. Self-cannibalization as existentialism.

Business has never been better, but we must be true to what we pursue, for that is what made us great. Steve Jobs. Christoph Niemann. Grant Achatz.


Seeking. Thinking around corners. Juxtaposition. Perpendicular thoughts. Squinting at the light, clutching in the shadows. Hunting invisible game.

Inspiration. A vague idea that becomes real, a curtain pulled away from the world, a stunning sliver of thought forking reality madly and beautifully in two, the old and the jarring new.

Uncontrollably wide eyes, heart shivers and mind smiles. Realization.

A thirst to change the world with an alchemist’s knowledge.

It’s 2:30am and I’m in the upstairs bedroom of a cottage in the Romanian countryside. It started as a single-room slant-roofed tin shack 30 years ago. Persistence.

Outside, thunderstorms are sending rolling thunder claps over the hills, lighting their silhouettes into perfect violet waves born violently in the pitch black darkness.

Electric impulses pump Vivaldi into my mind, launching a swan dive into the shadowy possibilities. All the shattered infinities are coming together, new ideas like dust settling in the rattling night.

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