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3–2–1; Know Your Intention

3 Ideas, 2 Quotes, 1 Question.

Inspired by James Clear’s ‘3–2–1’ Newsletter, author of Atomic Habits.


I. Luck and Action.

Many forget that a key factor within all success is luck.

They believe that a successful person got exactly where they are just due to hard work, just due to the grind. Not to undermine the grind, for that is an extremely important factor, yet luck played a part too.

Luck, however, is not just something set in stone, luck isn’t something that occurs every once in a while.

You can increase your surface area for good luck by taking action.

You don’t need to wait around and hope to get lucky, or to hope for a creative idea or a new opportunity.

You can make that happen by taking action. You can increase your chances of luck, of finding those opportunities, by action.

The person who acts, maybe by exploring new opportunities, trying out new jobs, talking to new people, is far more likely to stumble across a lucky break than the person who waits.

Take action, find that lucky break.

Shy away from action, and you’ll be waiting your whole life.

II. Do More of Fewer Things

Too many times do we go wrong in our viewpoint of productivity; we think it’s about doing more and more things all the time.

We think productivity is about filling your calendar so much that you don’t ever have the time to catch your breath!

Not only is that unsustainable, it’s not at all what productivity is.

Productivity is about selecting a handful of important things and doing more of them.

In other words, it’s about setting your priorities straight and eliminating anything else.

It’s about finding those few things, maybe even that one thing, that are important to you and that you want to work on. With those few things, it’s then about giving them your full focus, attention and energy, so that you can create wonders.

With these set priorities, you can then work on elimination.

Eliminat distractions and time wasters, for example, those business meetings that are pointless and leave everyone in a bad mood.

It’s becomes about eliminating the things that take you away from those 2–3 important tasks.

When you fully focus on 2–3 important things than halfheartedly doing 5–6 things, your productivity should flourish.

Do more by doing fewer things.

III. Know Your Intention.

What is life if it is not meaningful? What is life if we do not have a purpose and an intention?

Far too many times do we find ourselves doing things without any real intention. We find ourselves just wasting away the hours, searching for mindless entertainment, not getting anything out of it.

Take social media for an example; we can spend hours scrolling on tiktok, yet not get anything out of it, as we didn’t set an intention. It just became a mindless entertainment trap with no real meaning

And after engaging in such a mindless trap, you usually feel groggy and regretful, wishing you had spent the time in another way.

To curb this, always know your intention.

Always know why you’re doing what you’re doing, whatever it may be.

  • You’re scrolling on social media to pass the time or to communicate with friends.
  • You’re reading so that you can acquire new knowledge.
  • You’re working on your business so someday you can retire your family.

Having a why behind something, having a solid intention, prevents things from becoming mindless.

Setting the intention ensures that you’re aware of what you’re doing, and if you’re aware of falling into a mindless entertainment trap, you’re more inclined to prevent it. You know how you’re spending your time, so you can alter it accordingly.

Any time you find yourself slipping into a mindless entertainment trap, or doing something with no real reason, ask yourself,

‘What is my intention?’

Figure out why you’re doing what you’re doing and ensure your actions stay in alignment with that intention.


I. Shortcuts

“If you added up all the time wasted searching for shortcuts and trying to cheat the process, the hard work could have already been done by now.”

II. Mindless Entertainment

“If it entertains you now but will bore you someday, it’s a distraction. Keep looking.” — Naval Ravikant.


Are you in the arena, making progress and taking action? Or are you just watching on the sidelines?

“Get in the Arena.

There’s no luck on the sidelines — the arena is where it strikes.

It’s lonely and vulnerable, but it’s the only path that bears real fruit.

When faced with two paths, choose the path that puts you in the arena — where collisions happen, where luck can strike.” — Sahil Bloom

Thanks for reading!

Sam. 😆



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