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The Best Don’t Care About Winning; Newsletter #7

4 Little Wonder Bites 💭

📖 Current Read: Motivation is Overrated — Matt D’Avella

This week’s current ‘read’ is actually the focus of a newsletter, sent to subscribers yesterday from Matt D’Avella. If you’re into self education, its extremely likely that you will have seen this guy’s videos on youtube. In the newsletter, he talks about why we cant rely on motivation, and what we can rely on.

Have you ever had a day where all you want to do is absolutely nothing? Your motivation is low, and you cant find the desire to start doing the things you know you should. This is when motivation is particularly unreliable, for it wont be the factor that propels you into motion. Lucky, Matt shares 3 factors that we can rely on that help us to reach our goals:

  1. Your Environment. The environment where you’ve decided to work has to be tailored to success, for you’ll be spending a great amount of time there. What type of things do you have set up in your environment that help you get started? For me, I have my notebook, pens, and MacBook on my desk, accompanied by my folders of exam questions just under the desk. When I walk past this environment, I see it as a place solely for work, yet its somewhat an exciting place thanks to the things I’ve set up, and those few cues help get me started!
  2. Your Habits. I can admit, I wouldn’t be where I am now if I didn’t have the initial burst of motivation, those ideas that get the ball rolling. But relying on that motivation is definitely not sufficient in the long run. Habits, (and discipline) are sufficient. Try build strong habits that work in alignment with your goals, and you can fall back on them, as they’re simply habitual and routine.
  3. Discipline. Along with habits, this is something key that I’ve learnt to build over the last year or so. You can call on discipline when your motivation has disappeared, completely. Discipline is the muscle that propels you to start, or keeps you going on a task that you know is good for you, but you don’t want to do it at that moment.

Implement these 3 factors, and if your motivation isn’t there to begin with, it will come along with them.

🎧 Current Podcast: 9 Career Mistakes to Avoid & 9 Habits to Grow — Jay Shetty

In this episode, Jay Shetty talked about career mistakes that many make, why we make them, and how to learn from them or, in the best case, avoid them completely. Mistake #4, ‘Complacency’ was particularly interesting!

When things become good, and you’re happy with where you are, do you begin to settle? Do you begin to accept how things are, with no urgency to change them, simply because they’re good? This is complacency, and its common in all of us. It’s where we begin to accept the ease that our life may take, and not strive for anything different. After all, it sounds paradoxical to try and change a good thing.

Jay, however, shares a quote that sums up exactly why we should avoid complacency, and try change those good things for the better. And after implementing it into my life, I’ve had so much more mental clarity on the direction I should head in. The quote is;

‘When things get hard, work hard. When things get good, work harder’

When things are easy, don’t settle! Take another step forward, take on something slightly harder than what you think you’re capable of. You have the prior foundation of all the challenges you’ve overcome, so you can take on that difficult sounding task and know you have something to fall back on. Striving for more, going for that harder task, and the next harder task, keeps you from getting complacent with your life.

(however, don’t forget to be grateful for all of the good things that you do have. everything in your life is enough!)

✍🏻 Tweet of the Week

9 Short Rules for a Better Life — Ryan Holiday.

I’ve really been enjoying Ryan Holiday’s content recently, from his podcasts to his books to his tweets. On my timeline, I saw that he’d shared 9 short factors that propel you to live your best life. I’ve been following most of these rules unintentionally, and compared to when I wasn’t following them, I’ve definitely had a better outlook on life. Here they are! ↴

  1. Wake up early
  2. Focus on effort, not results
  3. Read every day
  4. Strict with yourself, forgiving of others
  5. Seek out challenges
  6. Stay a student
  7. Cut toxic people out of your life
  8. Think about death
  9. Focus on what you can control

Rule #8, ‘Think about death’, helps to remind us that we really dont have all the time in the world, and that the best time to start is now.

💭 Idea of the Week

💡 The Best Don’t Care About Winning

This seems paradoxical, for how can those who win the most not think too much about it?

It lies in their outlook, and what they want from life. Those who continuously win do not want to win, they want more. They look to the bigger picture of winning. They want the journey before the win, they want all the life skills that come with the journey, they want the knowledge that they gain from their win, and they want to take all that, and move forward. Those who win know that winning is not the final destination, its just a joyful stop on the way to something bigger and better.

To end, here’s a question from me! ⚡️

How can you make sure that your thoughts, words and actions are in alignment?

Thanks for reading!

Sam :)



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