A Brief Note to Agency Recruiters

From People & Talent at Wonderbly (Formerly Lost My Name)

Yo! Thanks for coming this far; look at you… bright-eyed and keen to find out more about how we work. Having the initiative to read this proves to us you’re keen to properly support our search for creative, technical, operational, or marketing talent. So, thank you.

The People & Talent team at Wonderbly don’t consider ourselves anti-agency. We are, however, a start-up with significant economic considerations, and a pretty damn impressive internal team (if I may say so myself), so it is true that we rarely need very much external support.

We hire a huge range of different roles here, and are looking for some pretty specialist types, so there are absolutely times when we need niche, specialist resource. That said —

We are strategic about our roles, and when and if we’re going to engage in external support. We are also pretty stretched on time resource, and super keen to avoid being repetitively contacted on phone or email, although email is our preference — careers@wonderbly.com. We’re a lean start-up and we do not have time for unsolicited phone calls (professional, or personal, just ask my poor parents!)

If you think you’ve got the edge, something incredible to offer, or the perfect candidate banging down your door to work for us — then please read on:

  1. Every open role is advertised at https://backstage.wonderbly.com/, and our hiring managers will not (or should not) engage you recruiting for roles not on that website (you might hear about something new from our C-suite, but that’s a different story)
  2. We only accept submissions via careers@wonderbly.com or our jobs site (use your email instead of the candidate, our system will work it out). We can then find out if they’ve already applied, or if they’re right for the role, and if they’re ace we’ll get straight back to you.

But here is the big rule. The numero-uno-number-one-golden-pretty-please rule:

Please, please, please do not call us asking for updates, or checking in, or to be briefed on a role, or anything, really… without genuine prior engagement. We just simply do not have time.

If you have sent through the perfect person through our careers sources, and we haven’t heard from them before, we promise we’ll get back to you. We, like, pinky swear. We will also never show prejudice to a candidate because they’re through a recruiter. If you’ve done an excellent job, found an excellent person, and they blow our little minds, we’ll do our job right and hire them without hesitation.

We work to specific terms, and will provide these to you on engagement.

Questions? Concerns? Hit us up!

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