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[FAQ] — WonderHero Hero Intro Vel Kyrie

With a strong sense of Justice, Vel Kyrie is nicknamed the “Absolute Justice”.

Since before she entered the Hero Academy, Vel Kyrie was already trained to be a Hero commander. At a young age, she has earned the approval from many comrades, seniors as well as the Hero Academy.

Vel Kyrie is a tactical genius that boosts the movement range of her allies. She is armed with various powerful assault rifles that allow her to deal damage to multiple enemies in mid range. Some weapons also allow her to deploy tactical stations which grants allies bonus stats when standing on it, such as boosting attack or defense stats.

She calls in aerial support as her ultimate move, dealing serious damage to an area on the map. Though powerful, she is weak in close combat and would rely on her teammates to cover her weakness.

Vel Kyrie is an asset to any team, given her tactical support abilities and damage potential. Placed in a good team composition, Vel Kyrie is a force to be reckoned with.

She will be a valuable NFT asset too. *wink.

// Hero Data:

Name: Vel Kyrie
Race: Human
Age: 17
Birth: 23 Jul
Favorite: Origami
Dislike: Everything about “Sarah”

// What is WonderHero?

WonderHero is a Play to Earn mobile RPG game, where gamers can earn rare NFTs (non-fungible token) and sell them on a peer-to-peer marketplace.

It is a combination of traditional mobile gaming with Defi which is now commonly known as NFT games or Play to Earn games.

WonderHero is led by a stellar team with leadership experience operating in a Top 20 crypto exchange and over 10 years of combined experience in gaming.

// More About WonderHero Universe

Official Gameplay Guide
Official Play to Earn Guide

// Official WonderHero Channels

Be sure to follow us on our official WonderHero channels for the latest information and updates.

Website: WonderHero.io
Telegram: t.me/wonderhero_io
Twitter: twitter.com/Wonderhero_io
Facebook: facebook.com/wonderhero.io
Medium: wonderhero.medium.com



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