5 Times Ron Weasley Made Us Laugh

Ron and his mother’s howler [Credit: Harry Potter Wikia]

Never underestimate the power of laughter. Harry Potter fans will know Ron Weasley as Harry’s best male friend and the uncle of his future children as Harry marries Ron’s sister, Ginny. However, there is so much more to Ron than just the family guy and best friend. Having five older siblings in which two are twins and a younger sister, Ron had to develop a strong backbone when it came to twins, Fred and George and anything else that would be thrown at him as he grew up.

He’s also known for the moments in which he is seen to be overly humorous, despite the awkwardness of the moment. Ron is the whole reason why I have put together this list of 5 moments when Ron Weasley made us laugh.

5. Don’t Panic! It’s Just Devil’s Snare

Every hero has their first adventure and Ron was no different. During his first year at Hogwarts, he accompanied Harry and Hermione to find the Philosopher’s Stone, to stop Voldemort from rising to power once more. However, when the trio tried to get down into the chamber that lead to the stone, they ended up getting trapped in Devil’s Snare. Bravely, Hermione was able to work out how to get past it. She tells the boys to relax, otherwise the plant would only kill them faster. Harry does as Hermione instructs and is freed from the devil’s snare quickly. Ron, on the other hand, panics and the plant decides it’s time to kill him. What’s more, Hermione is forced to intervene with minimal assistance from Harry. Once Ron is on the ground with them, he comments:

“Luckily we didn’t panic.”

Think again, Ron. Think again. Stupidly, it takes an idiot to see you were freaking out on the inside! Okay, moving on…

4. Aragog Goes On The Kill

“Follow the spiders? Follow the spiders! If Hagrid ever gets out of Azkaban I’m going to kill him!”

One of the funniest moments during The Chamber of Secrets is when Ron is forced to endure his fear of spiders. Although, very few people know the exact reason, if they’ve only seen the films. In the books, it’s explained that when Ron was only young, his older twin brothers Fred and George transfigured his teddy bear into a giant spider. This triggered Ron’s lifelong fear of spiders.

Over the years, Ron had to deal with spiders, despite the fact he would constantly freak out. However, it’s his second year that is the most memorable. When Hermione is petrified by the basilisk for being Muggle-born, the clues she leaves behind end up leading her friends to Aragog, a giant spider and friend of Hagrid’s — who got accused of killing Myrtle Warren (Moaning Myrtle) without any actual evidence fifty years earlier which also lead to Hagrid’s expulsion from Hogwarts. The giant spider was released by Hagrid into the forest and bore hundreds of sons and daughters.

When Ron and Harry seek answers about the creature that was attacking the Muggle-born students, Aragog [sics] his children on Harry and Ron, forcing them to run for their lives.

I think every fan alive will agree that Hagrid has terrible choices in pets.

3. Tap Dancing Spiders In His Dreams

For this Harry Potter fan, one of my scenes from the film adaptations of Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban is the scene where Ron wakes up from a nightmare about spiders. The scene in which I speak of, is when Harry is lying in bed with the Marauders’ Map when Ron awakens in a panic. Panicked and sweaty, he tells Harry that spiders want him to tap dance and he doesn’t want to. Sarcastically, Harry says for him to fight the spiders and tell them he doesn’t want to tap dance. Ron then falls asleep as if the conversation hasn’t occurred.

2. Getting Screamed At By His Mother Via Howler

Nothing says a mother’s love than getting screamed at by a Howler with her voice. What’s interesting, Molly Weasley had a standard when it came to her children misbehaving. Though, it seemed she couldn’t quite tame Fred and George, having given birth to them on April 1, which just so happens to be April Fools Day. Ironic, right? Anyway, when it came to Ron, Molly hits the roof when she and Arthur receive a letter from Professor McGonagall about Ron and Harry using Arthur’s flying car to get to Hogwarts after they miss the train. In disgust, Molly sends Ron a Howler which yells at him in front of the entire school. It also congratulates Ginny for getting into Gryffindor house. The Howler then tears itself up while a terrified Ron looked around at the silence of the Great Hall.

1. Asking Fleur To The Yule Ball

Ron goes through a lot in his role as Harry’s male BFF. One of the most memorable Ron moments is when during his fourth year at Hogwarts, during the TriWizard Tournament when he asks Fleur Delacour to the Yule Ball. This goes down as one of the most traumatic moments that Ron has to encounter during his time at Hogwarts.

Ron, much like every other boy from the three magical schools, developed a crush from the three wizarding schools competing in the tournament. He decides to take a risk and to ask the popular Beaubaxtons student to the ball. Moreover, Fleur ignores him, so he yells at her — a moment that is witnessed by sister, Ginny. After seeing Fleur reject Ron, Ginny takes Ron back to the common room where Harry questions what happened. Importantly, Ginny explains the situation while Hermione says Fleur would never say yes to Ron. Ron then tells his friends he yelled at Fleur to go out with him before he ran for his life. Ginny comments that Ron’s encounter ‘was a bit frightening’. Her words, not mine.


Okay, Ron’s humorous moments are often traumatic, but it’s what makes Ron such as a great character to analyse. Not only does Ron love his family, he also has a tendency to make the situation seem bigger than what it is. However, it goes to show he has a good heart and will do anything for those he cares for, even if he is left traumatised in the process. This becomes his ultimate sacrifice to his friends, his family and most importantly, his own sanity.

Question Time: Is there a Ron Weasley funny, I didn’t mention? Voice it below!