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8 Characters Who Should Appear At Some Point In The Arrowverse

Clark Kent convenes with Lex Luthor and Bruce Wayne in ‘Batman vs. Superman: Dawn of Justice’ [Credit: Warner Brothers]

There is no doubt in the world that people love the superhero genre. There are plenty of heroes out there that people love to admire and it doesn’t matter who the hero might be. When it comes to strength, the DC Comics television universe, dubbed the ‘Arrowverse’ has gone from strength to strength since its official debut in 2011 with Arrow. In the last few years, we have had three mainstream shows get added to the television universe. The Flash was the first, followed by Supergirl and Legends of Tomorrow with an animated shorts series, Vixen also added to the mix. Let’s not forget the two upcoming animated series, Freedom Fighters: The Ray and a ‘reboot’ but in shorts version of Constantine. What is the most admiring aspect about these shows is that they involve characters that are not considered to be fan favorites the way Superman and Batman are within the DC universe.

Because there are four major shows from the same franchise airing, there is plenty of opportunity for characters to come in and out whenever the storyline allows it. There have been plenty of opportunities to feature Easter Eggs to DC characters who have not appeared in the franchise as well. Here are 8 characters that should appear in the Arrowverse.

8. Lois Lane

[Credit: DC Comics]

Let’s start with a simple one. You can’t have a Super family reunion without Lois Lane. Supergirl has featured the likes of Supergirl (duh!), Superman, James ‘Jimmy’ Olsen, Cat Grant, General Sam Lane and Lois’s little sister, Lucy. However, the leading Lane, Lois has not been featured, despite various mentions from different characters. It was established in Supergirl Season 1 that Lois is not on good terms with Lucy or their father. It also appears that Cat Grant was jealous of Lois when she [Cat] was working at the Daily Planet that Lois ended up dating Clark Kent and was still with him.

In Season 2, Lois is mentioned throughout the first couple of episodes when Clark makes an appearance in person. Also, it appears that she shares a close friendship with Kara as she asks Clark to say hi to her while he’s in National City. By having Lois in Supergirl, it would give the show another female influence. Also, the storyline would need to be right for Lois to appear. Examples could include:
 • Clark brings her to National City with him the next time he visits Kara
 • Someone calls upon her for help at CatCo
 • She arrives in National City after an argument with Clark
 • She takes on a job at CatCo just to spite Perry White
 • Lena calls upon Lois for help when things begin to go pear shaped at CatCo
 When Lucy and Sam returns to town, James tries to help the Lanes reconcile

Despite not appearing, it appears that Lois is a very caring individual who takes her work seriously and is competitive as seen with Cat’s jealousy over Lois winning every journalism award under the sun. While Supergirl already has a truckload of strong female characters, adding Lois to the mix would be ideal to keeping the female side of the Superman lore alive and kicking.

7. Bruce Wayne

[Credit: DC Comics]

You can’t have any DC Comics universe without one of the original DC superheroes that made fans stand up and take notice other than Superman. There have been a couple of references to Bruce Wayne (not necessarily Batman) existing in the Arrowverse.

In the first episode of Supergirl Season 2, a man tells his son after being saved by Superman that they’re moving back to Gotham. There are also two references to a vigilante that Kara references as an ally of Clark. This vigilante is said to have a lot gadgets and to be really intimidating towards most people. Kara’s friend, Winn says Clark and this person are “probably frenemies”. This is a reference to Superman’s love-hate relationship with Batman. The other is made by Clark’s best friend, James who references ‘Clark’s friend’. Another reference to Bruce.

In The Flash during the show’s second season, on Earth-2, Barry and his wife Iris have a ‘Bruce’ on speed dial. Another reference to Bruce Wayne. However, it was only a passing reference as it was not actually said whether it was Bruce Wayne that was their friend.

A third reference comes in the form of a quote said by newly elected Mayor Oliver Queen said during the sixth Season of Arrow. The quote is as follows:

“Photos can be doctored. They could have put Bruce Wayne’s head on that body. Has Bruce Wayne left Gotham to hang out in Star City recently? No.”

Through this reference, it is assumed Gotham exists on Earth-1 like on Earth-38.

Should Bruce actually appear, he could appear on either of the referenced Earths as they both have Gotham City. If he were to appear, there are three possible ways he could pop up:
• He could be in Star City at a gala and sense danger before leaping into danger.
 • He could ally himself temporarily with Green Arrow while in Star City.
 • Team Arrow could be in Gotham City where they meet Bruce.

6. Arthur Curry

[Credit: Heroic Hollywood]

Before the upcoming live-action film was announced there was a reference to Arthur Curry in The Flash. During Season 2, Hunter Zolomon aka Zoom of Earth-2, under the alias of Jay Garrick, tells Caitlin he has a friend from Atlantis. This ‘friend’ is likely a reference to Arthur. Also, another reference to Arthur is made in Season 4 when Harry Wells arrives on Earth-1 to give Wally West a message from his daughter Jesse — Wally’s girlfriend. The reference to Arthur or rather, Atlantis is the quote:

“…that darn Atlantean plastic.”

In a deleted scene from the pilot episode of The Flash, Barry makes a reference to Aquaman, saying he was investigating an unexplained case of “a man who can talk to fish.” Another reference of Arthur’s home of Atlantis is referenced by Barry’s parents on Earth-2 during the Season 2 episode, Welcome to Earth-2.

If Arthur were to appear, he would likely appear on another Earth and not Earth-1. It would likely be on Earth-2 where the first canonical reference as made. The character would also provide a great amount of comedy if he is written in the right way.

5. Dick Grayson

[Credit: Nerdist]

So, we’ve talked about Batman but we haven’t spoken about Robin or Nightwing or the first man to become Batman’s first sidekick, Dick Grayson. There hasn’t been too many references to Dick but his home of Blüdhaven has been referenced and seen a few times.

Blüdhaven is a reoccurring location staple in Arrow. It has been mentions 8 times and seen just 3 times. It was also referenced in an episode of The Flash. It is often a place where people end up drunk or end up committing crimes.

Having Dick appear as Nightwing in the Arrowverse would be the perfect way to introduce a hero that doesn’t have a team around him the way Flash, Green Arrow or Supergirl do. Here are four potential ideas for storylines for Dick.

  • When Team Arrow is called into action at a gala, a masked hero going by the moniker of Nightwing appears, the team realise they have a new ally or do they have a new enemy on their hands?
  • Dick appears in Central City and is called into action when Team Flash is suddenly overwhelmed with metas.
  • When things become difficult in Blüdhaven, Dick calls upon Team Arrow and Team Flash for assistance.
  • When Dick is injured, he calls upon his superhero friends for help in defending Blüdhaven.

4. Hal Jordan

[Credit: Heroes Direct]

Much like with Bruce Wayne and Dick Grayson, there are Easter Eggs alluding to the existence of Hal Jordan aka Green Lantern within the Arrowverse. During Arrow and The Flash, there have been multiple references to Hal but nothing in terms of an appearance.

During the entire run of Arrow up to Season 5, the references to Hal have included:

  • During a Flashback when Oliver was still on Lian Yu, Edward Fyers shoots a Ferris Air jetliner out of the air (Season 1)
  • In a flashback during Oliver’s time on Lian Yu, he and his allies try to stop the Ferris Air jetliner from being taken down (Season 1)
  • There is a billboard seen during the episode Calm in which Ferris Air is featured as a sponsor for a sporting event (Season 3)
  • A man walks across screen wearing a flight jacket with the name ‘Jordan’ printed on the name tag (Season 4)

Hal had also been referenced in The Flash.

  • An ongoing image appears at Central City Police Department of a mural of some of the Greek gods. These gods are Hephaestus, Hermes, Hera, Zeus, Hades, Apollo and Poseidon. Each of these gods depict a DC hero. Hephaestus symbolises Green Lantern (throughout the show)
  • In the pilot episode, Barry is seen to test his powers at a testing facility that has been abandoned for Ferris Air aircraft (Season 1)
  • In the episode Who is Harrison Wells?, a billboard appears that says Welcome to Coast City. This is Hal’s hometown, it is also the first time it is referenced to exist within the Arrowverse. It, much like Blüdhaven is frequently mentioned throughout Arrow and The Flash (Season 1 — The Flash)
  • A pilot goes missing during the events of the episode Rogue Air. Again, this is a reference to Hal (Season 1)
  • Earth-2’s Barry Allen and his wife Iris West-Allen have a Hal on speed dial at home (season 2)

3. Diana Prince

Much like Superman and Batman, you cannot have anything DC Comics related without some reference to Wonder Woman herself, Diana Prince.

Majority of the references appear in Supergirl because Lynda Carter was cast as President Olivia Marsdin. Carter was Diana in the first Wonder Woman television series. Olivia mentions a jet via the following quote:

“If you think that’s cool, you should see my other jet.”

Kara does the infamous spin that Diana did to change her clothes only, Kara does the spin to extinguish the flames on her costume.

In Arrow, when Sara is killed during the early events of Season 3, Felicity says she always thought of Sara as an Amazonian warrior.

Even Legends of Tomorrow has had references to Diana. A Greek man refers to Sara as an Amazonian. Later, Zari takes Helen of Troy to the beaches of Themyscira to get away from men.

If Diana were to appear, it would be a safe guess to say she would appear on Earth-38 (Supergirl’s Earth) only because of all the references that have been made to her. Also, she could appear alongside Clark while checking in with Kara.

2. Lex Luthor

[Credit: Comic Book]

Superman lore isn’t complete with the caped crusader’s least favourite bald person. Supergirl has already introduced Lex’s half-sister, Lena and his mother Lillian. Lex and his father, Lionel have already appeared but in a flashback. In the present day, Lionel has been dead a few years and Lex is in prison.

When we do see Lex in the flashback, he’s a teenager who has just been introduced to his four-year-old half-sister for the first time. Lex is referenced a few times including in conversations between Lena and Lillian. James Olsen, the best friend of Lex’s nemesis Superman/Clark Kent mentions Lex once as being Clark’s best friend before the power went to his head.

If he were to come into the show as an adult, the only way he could come into the story, is if he escaped from prison somehow and went after his sister. Should this become a possibility, it would only be fair to have Lex go up against Kara like he did with Clark so many years ago. In hindsight, it would also make sense for him to team up with his mother, given her already fragile relationship with Lena.

1. Bart Allen

[Credit: Comic Vine]

Fans of The Flash will know a reference to the original comics if they’ve read them and compared them to the show. There have been numerous references to Bart Allen, Barry and Iris’s future grandson and the son of their future son, Don.

A reference to Bart even popped up in Arrow when Barry returns to Starling City after waking up from his coma. Detective Quentin Lance calls Barry ‘Bart’ leaving Barry to correct him on his mistake.

The main references come with The Flash itself during the course of Season 3. When Barry temporarily loses his memory, he looks at his drivers licence and sees that his name is Bartholomew, not liking the name, he asks to be called Bart.

If Bart himself were to appear, it might cause a bit of awkwardness for his future grandparents. Barry and Iris request a DNA test be done to ensure Bart is who he says he is. When it is proven that he is Barry and Iris’s grandson, he could be paired with his great uncle Wally to help learn how to control his powers. He could also become friendly with Cisco and become known as ‘Impulse’ because of his impulsive nature.


There are endless possibilities that could come to light with the Arrowverse. While these references could mean nothing, they could also mean something that could happen in the future. If they were able to bring about Barry getting his own spin-off after his successful appearances in Arrow, then they can certainly bring out other characters within these chosen subjects. Bringing just some of these characters and others that are not listed above, might just add a little more texture to the franchise fans have come to love.

Got a character that you love that wasn’t mentioned above? Let us know below!