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Coming In To Land: Krypton Featurette Explores Key Aspects To Series

With just under two weeks to go before the release of of SyFy’s new series, Krypton, the good folks over at SyFy have unveiled a new featurette, explaining some of the key aspects of the upcoming series. Hosted by star, Cameron Cuffe, the Krypton featurette gives fans a look at some of the sets and storylines that will become unveiled in the first season. It even gives a broader look what to expect of the series and how deep the show goes into the Superman mythos.

House Of El: From Honourable To Shamed

As stated in all the synopses released for the show thus far, the House of El becomes rankless after family patriarch, Val-El gets executed for treason. In the years that follow, the glyph (or family crest) of the House of El is seen as a symbol of shame due to Val-El’s apparent crimes.

“We didn’t want Seg to be the finished package.” — Showrunner Cameron Welsh

The family forcibly lives in the Rankless district in a tiny apartment. When push comes to shove, Seg becomes forced to use his fists to defend not just himself, but others as well from the bullying antics of some members of the military guild. In other words, he gets into unnecessary fights that could have been resolved with conversation.

Seeing his beloved grandfather condemned to his death, hits Seg hard, which helps to form the compassionate, yet rash and angry young man we meet some years later.

Seg’s childhood in the Rankless district is all he knows and is understandably angry with not just the world, but with the people that lead to his family’s ruin.

Hell Hath No Fury: A Forbidden Romance Between An El And A Zod

Seg holds a massive secret to his chest and that’s his secret love affair with Lyta Zod. Due to the strict class system in place on Krypton, Kryptonians aren’t allowed to choose their own spouses or partners. They’re assigned. Seg and Lyta fall in love and begin a passionate relationship, despite knowing the relationship won’t last due to their stances in society and the fact they’re both betrothed to people they don’t necessarily like.

According to Georgina Campbell, who plays Lyta:

“Lyta Zod — she’s part of the military guild. She has this relationship with Seg that isn’t allowed. She isn’t supposed to go near a rankless. Seg is someone she can speak to — they’re really in love and have this really passionate relationship. But, they know it’s never going to last because they’re betrothed to other people.”

While we are yet to discover what happens to this whirlwind romance that becomes Romeo and Juliet: Krypton style and whether Seg and Lyta split up, there will be one person that gets in their way: Nyssa Vex.

Enter Nyssa-Vex: Daughter Of The Man Who Had Val-El Executed

Seg and Lyta face an obstacle in their relationship. This comes in the form of Nyssa-Vex, the daughter of Daron-Vex; the man who sentenced Seg’s grandfather to The Phantom Zone.

Wallis Day, who plays Nyssa had this to say about Nyssa’s relationships with people:

“Nyssa’s relationships with people are built around an agenda.”

Nyssa lives and breathes politics, but doesn’t understand the value of friendship, until she meets Seg when he saves her father’s life. However, at first Nyssa and Seg can’t stand each other. Nyssa works out for herself that Seg is in love with Lyta and uses the information to the advantage to get him to comply to her father’s desire for them to be paired together in a binding. Seg panics when he realises Nyssa knows his secret.

Nyssa comes across as cunning and good with words. She tells Seg:

“If my father binds you to us, he is taming you, proving that even a dreaded El can be co-opted and brought into the fold.”

This puts Seg in a rather uncomfortable position as it affects not just his relationship with Lyta, but the fact that the relationship will become exposed and get back to Lyta’s mother, Jayna and cause all sorts of issues.

The Mother Complex

Lyta comes from a proud family of warriors and hails from the proud House of Zod. While we know Dru-Zod to be Superman’s greatest alien foe, this story revolves around the women in his family, 200 years before he targeted Kal-El.

Jayna, Lyta’s mother is proud of her family roots and she has tried to instill the same message to her daughter. The elder Zod is oblivious to what her daughter gets up to in her free time. She doesn’t know about her daughter’s secret relationship with the rankless Seg-El.

Although, something doesn’t sit right when you watch the footage in the featurette. There’s a sequence, they show where it looks like Jayna is reprimanding Lyta and something to do with treachery.

In a tone of authority, Jayna says to Lyta:

“Lyta. You are my daughter and you are a Zod. And Zods are not traitors.”

While it’s currently up for debate as to what Jayna means by this. It could mean a couple of things. One might be, Lyta gets caught helping someone in need and since the Zod motto is ‘fight without mercy’, she may be branded as being weak, instead of not letting them rot. The second consideration is the idea that Jayna discovers her relationship with Seg.

Introducing The Original Fortress Of Solitude

“This is why they killed Grandfather, isn’t it?” — Seg to Charys upon visiting the fortress for the first time.

Everybody knows about Superman’s Fortress of Solitude, but did you know this wasn’t the only fortress? On Krypton, we quickly learn the reason Val-El believes there is more life in the universe than just Krypton.

Val constructed his own fortress to undertake his experiments. According to what Seg asks his mother, Charys, it’s apparent the fortress was the reason Val was executed. It’s unknown as to whether the government tried to force Val to reveal where his base of operations and he refused or they just came to the conclusion that his treason was bad enough.

Throughout the story, the fortress serves as a safe haven for Seg and serves as a reminder of what he’s fighting for: his family’s legacy and the impact his future grandson will have on Earth.

According to showrunner Cameron Welsh, the design of the fortress was a struggle. The production design team wanted to be as faithful as they could honour the design everyone knows from the comics.

Late In Its Life Cycle

When we first re-enter the world of Krypton in Seg’s adult years, we discover the planet on the brink of collapse. Due to limited resources, the government has become greedy and essentially has left the rankless to die at the bottom of the food chain while the highly ranked thrived.

While Val-El could see issues, no one in the higher parts of society weren’t able to. Either that, or didn’t want want to believe it.

“Bound” not “Marriage”

When it comes to marriage, the correct term is ‘bound’. So, what exactly does this mean?

Well, couples aren’t meant to come together on their own. They get paired together, by either the law or their parents. This comes into reality with Seg and Nyssa. Seg saves Daron-Vex’s life and he rewards him by pairing Seg with Nyssa, much to their chagrin.

Notwithstanding, Nyssa discovers Seg’s secret relationship and uses it to blackmail him. She makes it clear she doesn’t want to be bound to him any more than he wants to be bound to her. She proceeds to blackmail him into complying if he wants his relationship with Lyta to remain hidden.

The Call To Action

Seg’s true mission arises when a mysterious man named Adam Strange corners him and explains Krypton is in trouble. At first, Seg doesn’t believe him.

Adam becomes forced to provide proof and pulls a cape from his bag and given it to Seg. Seg questions whether the cape is his grandson’s, or rather this is just one lousy joke.

“Does this really belong to my grandson?” “Yeah.”
Seg asks Adam if the cape belongs to his grandson

Who Knows About Time Travel And Superman?

A straight up answer would be no one on Krypton knows about time travel. At least, not yet. When Adam goes to Seg and tells him what he knows, Seg isn’t certain he wants to believe him.

However, it soon becomes apparent there is so much more at stake than just the assurance Superman lives. It’s also about stopping Brainiac from destroying not just Krypton or other worlds that get in his way.


Woo! That’s a lot of information in a small amount of time. Yes, some of the information was explored already, but it’s the amount of information that matters. Krypton is ripe for the picking as it picks up new ground in a world we don’t know much about. Also, it will be best understood for any die hard Superman fan and fans of science fiction in general.

Krypton premieres on SyFy on March 21 in America

Originally published at on March 14, 2018.