Frequently Asked Questions

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What Topics Does WonderPopCulture Cover?

As long as the topic is pop culture related, WonderPopCulture will cover it. Basically, anything that relates to film, television, music, celebrities, etc.

I Want To Follow Along On Social Media. Does WonderPopCulture Have Social Media Accounts?

At the moment, no, WPC does not have social media. As this publication is being run by just me at the moment, I do not have time to juggle my own Social Media platforms and ones for the publication. Hopefully, this will change in the future when I allow people to join the team.

Will I Be Able To Join The Publication As A Writer/Contributor?

Yes! You can now join WonderWonderPopCulture as a writer! To join just send me (C.J. Hawkings) an email with your Medium username so I can add you to the writers list. If you cannot send an email please find me on Facebook here and send me a Private Message!

Can I Get Paid For The Articles I Writer?

Unfortunately, not at the moment. I hope this changes in the future.