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Holy Batwoman! 10 Characters We Want To See On The Newest Addition To The Arrowverse

Greg Berlanti’s Arrowverse is set to introduce Batwoman in December [Image Credit:]

Months ago, producer Greg Berlanti began developing a show based around the Gotham City caped crusader, Batwoman. This came after the announcement Batwoman would make her Arrowverse debut in mid-December.

This year’s annual crossover event will only feature three of the four Arrowverse shows. Arrow, The Flash and Supergirl will link together to introduce Kate Kane to the Arrowverse. Since Batwoman comes from Gotham, let’s look at ten Bat characters we want to see appear in Batwoman.

10. Barbara Gordon/Batgirl

Batgirl teams up with Catwoman [Credit: DC Comics]

You can’t have any Batfamily small screen media without the presence of Barbara Gordon a.k.a Batgirl. So, let’s say for the sake of argument Babs does show up. How would she appear? Would she be a reoccurring character? Would she become a main character?

There are literally dozens of queries we can’t yet answer. Currently, Batwoman is the only character confirmed for the new series. In saying this we don’t yet know if other characters will join her. In regards to Babs, we could be one link to an eventual team up with Batman. Perhaps, there’s a feud between Kate and Barbara for some unspecified reason. Only time will tell.

9. The Joker

[Credit: Grunge]

We’ve all got our favourite Batman villain and we all know what they’re capable of. Any Batman-related series isn’t complete without the Clown Prince of Crime himself. We’ve seen the iconic voice of The Joker, Mark Hamill guest-star in The Flash as The Trickster. So, what’s stopping Warner Brothers from hiring Hamill again to play the Clown Prince?

If Batwoman becomes based on Earth-38, The Joker could be that Earth’s version of The Trickster. Look at John Wesley Shipp’s roles in The Flash. He’s been Earth-1’s Henry Allen, Barry’s father. On Earth-3, Henry’s döppelganger is Jay Garrick. They could do a similar exploit with Hamill if they decide to go down that route.

8. Dick Grayson/Robin/Nightwing

Dick as Nightwing in ‘Under the Red Hood’ [Credit: DC Movies Wikia]

Who doesn’t love a Robin? Sure, there’s Jason Todd and there’s Tim Drake, but what about the most famous of them all: Dick Grayson? It would be a great treasure to have such a beloved character in Batwoman.

Depending on how old Dick is, they could bring him as solely Nightwing, meaning he’s broken away from Batman and working on his own. This could be the ideal play as both Dick and Kate are solo heroes who work without teams. If Dick gets introduced, they’d have to tread carefully. The character is being used in the DC Universe series, Titans, in which he plays a central role.

7. Bruce Wayne/Batman

[Credit: io9 — Gizmodo]

No matter if Batwoman takes place on Earth-1 or Earth-38 or another Earth, there’s always a chance there’ll be a version of Bruce Wayne thrown in. Since Batwoman is based in Gotham City on an unspecified Earth, there’s no doubt a version of Batman will be referenced.

Without a single doubt, the chance that Kate and Bruce run across each other is… let’s say it is huge. They operate out of the same city and they both have ‘Bat’ in their hero names. There’s the profound possibility Kate and Bruce either team up or they could dissent over each other’s methods. Or they could just become allies like Oliver and Barry are.

6. Renee Montoya

Renee and Kate Kane [Credit: popkaiture]

There’s a serious lack of lesbian characters in Batman lore. Of all the Batman-related lesbian characters, there’s only three that come to most people’s minds: Kate Kane, Maggie Sawyer and Renee Montoya. The three females have become major players in respecting the LGBTQ+ community in the comics. It would give Kate to have some flirty fun with numerous women.

Maggie has already appeared on Supergirl as the first female love interest of Alex Danvers. Renee, however, has not appeared. Renee and Maggie have both been lovers to Batwoman in certain comic issues. What is to stop Renee from becoming a lover of Batwoman again in a live action series? Who knows, it could also pave the way for a potential love interest storyline with Alex, should it lead in that direction. She could even play a role in the GCPD like Maggie did the NCPD in Supergirl.

5. Alfred Pennyworth


The Batfamily is never complete without Alfred becoming involved to a degree. Moreover, the trusted Wayne family butler was the guardian of a young Bruce. He even served as the father figure to Bruce’s wards and his biological son, Damien. Alfred could be the J’onn J’onzz, John Diggle and the Joe West of Batwoman. The question remains. How could they incorporate him without putting any kind of focus on Batman?

What if Alfred left Batman for a short amount of time to help Kate, but he kept it a secret from him? This could be a way of bringing Alfred to the table without having to use Batman in any way, shape or form.

4. Commissioner James Gordon

[Credit: DC Database]

It’s impossible not to include Bab’s daddy-o, Commissioner James Gordon. His name could get mentioned since Batwoman is placed smack bang in Gotham. It would only make sense, given that Kate’s home city is Gotham and the police have always played a massive role.

In any story revolving around Batman, Jim is always there to render his assistance if needed. Let’s not forget, he’s also the one with the Bat signal. Kate’s involvement with him, if they choose to include him is anyone’s guess. Our guess is his involvement with Kate could be similar to how he works with Bruce.

3. Maggie Sawyer

[Credit: Superman Wikia]

As mentioned before, Maggie has ties with Batman lore because of her Gotham City Police Department roots. She’s appeared in Supergirl as the first female love interest for Alex Danvers. What’s more is Maggie has been a lover to Batwoman in the comics. So, it would make sense for Maggie to become involved with Kate, should the need arise.

If Beranti uses Maggie in Batwoman, they could have a storyline where the story crosses over with Supergirl. To add a complication to the conflict, a newly returned Maggie becomes involved with Kate. This could create a love triangle between Alex, Kate and Maggie. It could also give Alex a bit more closure on her failed relationship with Maggie.

2. Ace the Batound

[Credit: Superman Wikia]

Okay, well this one would be a little far-fetched, but it’s an idea. What if they brought in Batman’s dog, Ace? Though, instead of Ace being owned by Batman, what if the doggy sidekick was owned by Batwoman instead?

Unless you wanna count Kara’s cat, Streaky, Ray’s childhood ‘pet’ Dominator, Gumball and Mick’s pet rat, Axl, this would be a new addition to the Arrowverse.

1. Holly Robinson/Catherine Ann Turley/Catwoman

[Credit: Comic Vine]

A little unknown character that people might not know is the second Catwoman, Holly Robinson. During her appearance in various comic book issues, Holly was the protégé of the original Catwoman, Selina Kyle. Robinson took over the role when Selina disappeared. In the new 52 continuity, Holly’s name changed to Catherine Ann Turley.

Unless you’re a massive Catwoman fan, you wouldn’t know who Holly is. She’s a lesbian, like Kate, Maggie and Renee. Ordinarily, a romance with Kate Kane would be ideal, as it would be parallel to the salacious romance between Bruce Wayne and Selina in the comics. A Bat and a Cat in love. Wouldn’t that be the ideal scenario for Batwoman?


In conclusion, Batwoman is still just over a year away. A factor we need to consider is the ratings for the Flash/Arrow/Supergirl crossover. The ratings become a critical asset to whether the Batwoman spinoff goes ahead. The names mentioned could become just the beginning of all the possibilities for character appearances. Batman lore is massive in comparison to other massive franchises. Who knows who’ll we see in Gotham City? Could be characters we’re familiar with or ones we aren’t familiar with. Nevertheless, our guesses could come true in December.

The annual Arrowverse crossover between The Flash, Arrow and Supergirl begins from December 9 all the way to December 11 only on The CW.