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How The Arrowverse Could Incorporate WonderGirl

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“You should see my other jet.” — Olivia Marsdin, SuperGirl

WonderWoman was a massive success for DC Entertainment after mixed to lukewarm responses to its previous entries Man of Steel, Batman vs. Superman and Suicide Squad. Not to mention, it was directed by a woman and starred a female superhero — outdoing Marvel in the process. Ha! Take that Marvel Entertainment! Sorry. I couldn’t help it. In June this year, the Patty Jenkins superheroine flick made its male oriented counterparts quiver in their knee high boots. Why? Well, the film broke massive box office records and pulled the DCEU out of dangerous territory.

In DC’s television universe affectionately dubbed the ‘Arrowverse’ by fans, there are already two shows that have leading female heroes. In the form of Supergirl and Vixen, the Arrowverse is leading the way for more female heroes to take the lead ahead of the usual male suspects. A number of Easter Eggs to Wonder Woman have been made over the course of Supergirl and The Flash but nothing in terms of an appearance. Well, unless you count Lynda Carter, the former Wonder Woman appearing as President Olivia Marsdin in Supergirl.

Who Is WonderGirl?

Donna Troy marries Terry Long [Credit: Women Write About Comics]

Before we go into how WonderGirl could be introduced, we need to ask the very simple question of ‘who is WonderGirl’?

The original WonderGirl was Donna Troy, the lookalike little sister of Wonder Woman aka Diana Prince. Raised by Diana’s mother, Queen Hippolyta as her adoptive daughter, Donna was raised as a human rather than an Amazon like Diana. She married Terry Long and bore him a son, Robert and became the stepmother to his daughter, Jennifer. Because of her uncanny likeness to Diana, Donna was constantly at risk of being kidnapped in the thought she was Diana. Her marriage to Terry became troubled, leading to divorce before he and Robert ended up getting killed in a car accident alongside Jennifer.

The second WonderGirl was Cassandra “Cassie” Sandsmark, a daughter of Zeus and Helena Sandsmark.

Where Donna Would Fit Into The Arrowverse

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Now we know who WonderGirl is. There’s one other question we need to address — just where would she fit into the Arrowverse. This is what my theory is:

Donna could be introduced as a friend of Clark Kent aka Superman. She was granted a position at CatCo so Clark arranges for her to live with his cousin, Kara in National City. It’s explained early on that Donna didn’t quite fit in at The Daily Planet. CatCo Media was recommended as an alternative. Clark explains to Kara that Diana asked him to keep an eye on her baby sister for her. At first, Clark isn’t sure what to do with her so he decided Kara might be able to help him. Upon meeting Donna, Kara doesn’t question her loyalty to the superhero cause and is quick to befriend her.

Depending on the popularity to the character, Donna could possibly join forces with The Flash and Green Arrow whenever she journeys to Earth-1. Like with The Flash, Donna could earn her own spinoff show alongside her sisters, Diana and Cassie.

Note that this would overwrite everything that has been written about the character previously and that includes her costume. See the first image on the article for Donna’s original costume.

Who Would Donna Interact With?

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Now that we know how Donna could enter the Arrowverse, we need to work out who she could interact with. This section will be divided into two sections. One for Earth-38 and one for Earth-1.


  • Clark Kent: Donna has known Clark for years through her sister, Diana and considers him family. She worked with him at The Daily Planet alongside his girlfriend, Lois Lane. He personally takes her to National City to join his cousin Kara at CatCo.
  • Kara Danvers: Arriving in National City, Clark takes Donna to live with Kara. The Amazonian warrior and the last daughter of Krypton get off to a great start and become fast friends. When things takes a dangerous turn after the deaths of Donna’s husband and son, Kara suggests sending Donna to Earth-1 to join forces with Team Flash until she can recover her bearings of her grief.
  • Winn Schott: Upon meeting Winn, Donna quickly forms a close bond with him. She admires his humor and his constant pop culture references. He is the one that names her Wonder Girl after his attempt to name her Wonder Woman backfires. Donna tells him, her sister is dubbed Wonder Woman.
  • James Olsen: Donna and James know each other from their time working at The Daily Planet. Though they aren’t close, they are mutual friends because they are both close to Clark and Kara. Donna admires his commitment to CatCo and to his friends.
  • Lena Luthor: Upon joining CatCo, Donna literally runs into the CEO Lena Luthor. Kara hurries over to help her new friend and introduces the pair. Donna and Lena become two peas in a pod almost instantly and join forces. They serve as each other’s informants with information that are then passed onto Supergirl and the DEO. Donna doesn’t judge Lena because her last name is Luthor.
  • Diana Prince: Donna has a love/hate relationship with her older sister, Diana. They were never close even as children as their mother, Hippolyta always favored Diana as Diana was her heir and Donna was considered the spare. When Diana arrives unannounced in National City, Donna tries to get rid her but cannot. Later, the sisters make up and begin to form a proper sisterly bond. When Diana returns to National City some time later, she brings her protégé, Cassandra “Cassie” Sandsmark with her. Diana reveals to Donna that Cassie is their younger half-sister via their father, Zeus.
  • Alex Danvers: Donna doesn’t judge Alex because of her sexuality and forms a sisterly bond with her. After Terry and Robert die in a car accident, Alex agrees with Kara to send Donna to Earth-1 to join forces with Barry until she can deal with her grief. Alex also feels protective towards Donna, given her friendship with Kara and Clark.
  • J’onn J’onzz: J’onn becomes like a father-figure to Donna even if she is thousands of years older than him. He knows better than to tell her what to do. When she loses her husband and son, J’onn backs Kara’s idea to send Donna to Earth-1, knowing it’s what is best for Donna and her mental state.
  • Terry Long: Terry is Donna’s estranged husband. They separated before Donna acquired her job at CatCo. They once had a loving relationship and were doting parents to their son, Robert whom they nicknamed Bobby. They were on the verge of getting back together when Terry and Robert were killed in a car accident.
  • Robert Long: Donna adored her little boy, Robert. His death along with his father’s devastated her which prompts her to fall into a downward spiral causing her friends to intervene.
  • Jennifer Long: Donna and her stepdaughter Jennifer were neither close or distant. Jennifer saw Donna as a gold digger, unaware of her stepmother’s heritage as an Amazonian demigoddess. Meanwhile, Donna saw Jennifer as a jealous spoiled brat who didn’t care about anyone but herself. After Terry and Robert die, Jennifer blames Donna, severing their already strained relationship.
  • Hippolyta: Much like her relationship with Diana, Donna has a fragile relationship with her mother, Hippolyta. Donna’s main belief is that Hippolyta never saw her as a daughter and only wanted her to be a companion for Diana.
  • Cassandra Sandsmark: Upon recovering her strained relationship with Diana, Donna is informed that she and Diana share a father with Cassie. At first, Cassie annoys Donna but she keeps a lid on it for Diana’s sake. Over time, Donna comes to form a close bond with her little sister.


  • Barry Allen: Upon meeting Barry, Donna finds the Scarlet Speedster funny and very down to earth. He comes to admire her and vice versa. Knowing what it is like to lose those closest to you, Barry sympathises with Donna because they have both lost those they love to something horrible. Whenever Barry needs the extra help in the field when he’s acting as The Flash, Donna will often join him.
  • Iris West-Allen: Donna meets Iris at the same time she meets Barry. She is the first to point out Iris’s utmost loyalty to Team Flash and to Barry. The pair become close friends and often find ways to annoy Barry. Iris is also partially responsible for getting Donna a job at CCPN.
  • Cisco Ramon: Right from the word go, Donna comments that Cisco reminds her a lot of Winn and how humorous he is. Cisco is the one who renames Donna as Wonder Woman — stating Diana doesn’t reside on Earth-1, so the code name Wonder Woman isn’t taken. When Diana and Cassie arrive on Earth-1 from Earth-38, Cisco renames Donna again — calling her Troia. He complains he has never had to rename a meta more than once.
  • Wally West: Donna develops a love-hate relationship with Barry’s brother-in-law and Iris’s brother, Wally. She sees him as a smart ass who wants to outdo everyone he is teamed up with. Over time they become friendly with the occasional argument over stupid things.
  • Oliver Queen: Donna meets Oliver after she almost runs into Felicity at Jitters while the pair are in town to visit Barry, Iris and the rest of Team Flash. They become quick friends and allies. Donna sees Oliver as kind and a real gentle human being who has sacrificed a lot to protect the city and the people he loves.
  • Felicity Smoak: Meeting Felicity was like a dream. At least to Donna it was. She finally gains a friend on Earth-1 who isn’t a superhero in any form and doesn’t have any form of medical background other than testing blood samples. Donna almost runs into her at Jitters, when she and Oliver are in town visiting Team Flash. Felicity mentions that Donna shares her name with her mother.
  • John Diggle: Wherever Felicity and Oliver go, Dig normally isn’t too far behind. Donna’s first meeting with Dig does down as well as him seeing Barry use his super speed for the first time. Dig quickly comes accustom to another hero running around saving people’s lives.
  • Dick Grayson: Donna runs into Dick Grayson aka Nightwing while on assignment in Star City. He saves her life while at a gala organised by Oliver. At first, Donna is forced to pull her friends into line when they believe Dick is a bad guy. After Dick proves himself to Team Flash and Team Arrow that he isn’t evil, Donna makes him an unofficial member of Team Flash, Team Flash and Team Wonder.

Which Storylines Could She Be Involved With

Donna Troy as Wonder Girl and Wally West as The Flash[Credit: Pinterest]

There are plenty of storylines Donna could be involved in. Here are just a few ideas.

  • A Work Placement At CatCo: Donna arrives in National City with Clark from Metropolis for her new job as a columnist at CatCo. Clark takes her to live with Kara and the pair hit it off, finding they have a lot in common. Donna meets CEO Lena Luthor on her first day, striking up a friendship with her. Along the way, Donna also reunites with James and meets Winn.
  • A National Disaster: Donna’s cover is blown when she joins forces in the field with Kara. Not having a superhero name of her own, Winn tries to name her Wonder Woman upon learning of her Amazonian/Demigoddess status. Donna dismisses it because her sister, Diana is known as Wonder Woman. Winn then decides on the moniker Wonder Girl.
  • The Awkward Family Reunion: Having settled into her new job at Catco and her new living arrangements with Kara, Donna is shocked when her estranged husband Terry, their son Robert and her stepdaughter Jennifer show up unexpectedly at Kara’s apartment. Terry tries to pull the wool over Donna’s eyes. Kara takes a liking to Donna’s family and begins to develop a close bond with Robert. After a bit of persuading, Terry manages to convince Donna to go back to him.
  • Fighting Crime Has Never Been So Hard: With her family back in the picture, Donna struggles to maintain all the different aspects of her life. When things become too much for her, she nearly suffers a nervous breakdown. It takes Alex, Kara, J’onn, Winn and James to help her overcome her struggles.
  • Deaths In The Family: After a tragic turn of events involving Terry and Robert, Donna enters a downward spiral. Jennifer comes to hate her for what has happened. Seeing Donna struggling with recent events, Kara stages an intervention and rallies Team Supergirl to help their friend. They decide it would be best if she spent some time on Earth-1 with Kara’s friend Barry Allen and his own team.
  • Arrival On Earth-1: Storyline would take place during The Flash. Agreeing with her friends that she needs space and time to grieve, Donna agrees to go to Earth-1. She comes out of a breach outside CC Jitters where she meets Barry and his wife, Iris. After The Flash is called to action, Donna decides to help him out as Wonder Girl. Although, her identity is revealed to Barry and Cisco upon arriving back at S.T.A.R. Labs.
  • The Return Of Julian Albert: Barry pays Iris and Donna a surprise visit at work and gets the shock of his life when Julian shows up unexpectedly. In this time, Donna gets to know Julian and sees why he is a valued member of Team Flash even if she doesn’t know all the facts about him.
  • An Alternative Themyscira: When Donna passes out while out and about with Barry and Iris and can’t be woken up, Barry and Julian jump into her mind to pull her back out. They discover Donna has ended up in an alternative version of her homeland, Themyscira.
  • Disturbance in Star City: This episode of The Flash crosses over with Arrow. After receiving a distress call from Felicity, Donna joins forces with her sister, Diana and Team Flash in Star City for a gala. At the gala, Donna is almost hurt and is rescued by a mysterious figure who dubs himself Nightwing.
  • A Presidential Meeting: When Winn arrives on Earth-1, he summons Donna, Barry and Iris to accompany him to Earth-38 to meet President Olivia Marsdin.
  • A New Sister: Diana reappears on Earth-1 with her new protégé, Cassandra Sandsmark in tow. She reveals to Donna that Cassie is their half-sister via their father, Zeus.
  • A New Team: With her life now back on track, Donna decides to move on from Team Flash and sets up a new team consisting of her and her sisters.

How Could The Character Evolve?

The Evolution of Donna Troy [Credit: Glee-Chan — Deviant Art]

When we first meet Donna in Supergirl, she is an enthusiastic yet, slightly shy journalist who will do just about anything to make her work stand out. She uses her abilities as a demigod and Amazonian warrior to help people who need help. As time passes, she is seen as a doting mother who loves her son and her family. Upon losing those she loves, she enters a downward spiral that sees her sink so low she requires help from her friends whom don’t know how to help her.

After being sent to Earth-1 to Team Flash, Donna recovers from her grief. Donna becomes stronger and more resilient as a hero which prompts the evolution of her fighting style and sense of style. Her personality changes from shy to confident and ready to do anything to fight for the justice the world requires.

Why Is WonderGirl Essential To The Arrowverse?

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Every DC fan will know the Arrowverse started with Arrow. Then it was expanded to The Flash, Supergirl and Legends of Tomorrow. The animated series, Vixen is also included in the mix alongside the original series of Constantine. Both Supergirl and Vixen include strong female characters in the titular roles while Legends of Tomorrow has a line up of female characters amongst male characters that are part of the same team.

If WonderGirl were to be included into the mix of female protagonists, she could provide just the push the Arrowverse needs to have more gender diversity within the stories it chooses to adapt. Because of the success of Supergirl, having Wonder Girl join the ranks of female characters will give female DC fans the chance to tune in even more than what they would if they were watching the male dominated shows. Supergirl is inspirational for having the male characters serve as side characters while the female characters take centre stage.

WonderGirl would further the role women play within superhero television programming. She wouldn’t play the role of sidekick for very long. She would become an equal to Supergirl, Green Arrow and Flash as well as The Legends. Becoming a hero in her own right and to serve the Amazonians with pride would boost her popularity as a character. Not to mention, it would give the other female characters within the already established universe their own time to shine. Perhaps, they can even give their male counterparts a run for their money.


With all of this being said, WonderGirl would be an excellent addition to the Arrowverse. She has the strength and power to become a powerful asset to the already existant roster of female characters. Being the Amazon she is, WonderGirl would provide needed addition of a character living in a world surrounded by male influences that are not Amazonian. Moreover, having WonderGirl become a staple in a universe that started out for men.

Let’s form a conversation! Would you like to see WonderGirl enter the Arrowverse at some point? Let us know below!