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Keeping Up With The Royals: Beatrice And Eugenie

[Credit: America’s Spotlight]

The British Royal Family has always had a place in the spotlight. Everybody knows Charles married Diana and they had William and Harry. We’re also aware of how Diana felt about Camilla and so on.Yeah, yeah, yeah. There are other royals other than Charles’s immediate family. What about Charles’s nieces, Beatrice and Eugenie?

For those who aren’t in the whole royal circle of knowledge, Beatrice and Eugenie are the daughters of Prince Andrew. Their mother is Sarah Ferguson, affectionately known as Fergie and the Duchess of York. While these young Royals aren’t as well known as their cousins, Beatrice and Eugenie have their flare when it comes to the spotlight.

Daughters Of The Queen’s Second-Born Son

Beatrice and Eugenie were born to Prince Andrew of York — the Queen’s second son and his former wife, Sarah Ferguson, Duchess of York. At the time of their births, Beatrice — who was born in 1988 was placed just after Prince Harry in the line of succession. Two years later in 1990, Beatrice became the older sister of Eugenie.

The children of William and Catherine have forced Beatrice and Eugenie to get pushed down the line of succession. However, they aren’t the only ones that get pushed down the pecking order. Their father and Harry get pushed down as well.

Getting pushed down the ladder isn’t necessarily bad. They don’t need to get their grandmother’s permission to marry. For recently engaged Eugenie, that was a excellent omen.

Just Normal Men

Unlike the older generation of the royal family, the younger royals are allowed to marry whoever they wish. For Beatrice and Eugenie, their partners are just normal, hard-working men.

Beatrice once dated businessman Dave Clark, whom she dated for ten years. Clark later dated another woman and less than a year after splitting with Beatrice, got engaged. Anyway, while it might be over for them, romance is only getting better for Eugenie.

Sometime after Harry announced his engagement, Eugenie became engaged to Jack Brooksbank. Now, you have to admit, Eugenie’s engagement bears striking similarities to William’s engagement.

Everybody knows William presented Catherine with his late mother’s engagement ring. In recent months when Eugenie got engaged. Her ring is shaped similarly to her mother’s former engagement ring.

While didn’t need to ask for the Queen’s permission, he did ask Prince Andrew for his daughter’s hand in marriage.

Tabloid Fodder

For as long as anyone can possibly remember, the tabloids love to make a scene about the lives of the famous. Beatrice and Eugenie are no different. Since the arrival of William’s wife Catherine into the royal family, the tabloids love to claim that Beatrice and Eugenie hate her. So-called royal ‘sources’ claim Beatrice and Eugenie believe Catherine stole their spotlight.

Firstly, what spotlight? Secondly, who are these so-called ‘sources’? Finally, no legitimate newspaper or magazine has reported this. These same tabloids claimed the same issues with the girls hating Meghan.

In recent years, it was reported by the gossip mags that Prince Andrew spoils his daughters rotten and that they’re spoilt brats. Unless we know the girls personally, we don’t actually know what they’re like as individuals.

Despite what the tabloids say about them, they appear to be genuine people. After all, they’re both friends with English singers Ed Sheeran and James Blunt. While I am not a judgemental person, all of this could be taken with a grain of salt… or a pinch.

Not-So-Royal Pressures

Unlike their more famous cousins, Beatrice and Eugenie don’t have the same pressures weighing on them the way William and Harry do. While they might be princesses and granddaughters of the Queen, they aren’t required to uphold the family traditions in the same way.


In conclusion, we cannot say or judge whether Beatrice and Eugenie are spoilt and don’t like outsiders inside their family. We cannot judge them as we don’t know them. They might be royals, but they are also people who deserve their privacy.