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Second Trailer For ‘Incredibles 2’ Launches Helen Parr Back Into Hero Mode

[Credit: Nerdist]

Everybody’s favourite superhero family is back for a second outing in the second trailer for Incredibles 2. For this new adventure Parr matriarch Helen a.k.a Elastigirl is playing the hero while husband Bob a.k.a Mr Incredible is home with the kids.

Beware! It’s about to get fiery and perhaps a little bit cringe-worthy when it comes to Jack-Jack’s emerging powers, but in a fun, exciting way. Let’s take a glimpse at some of the memorable parts of the trailer.

“Are These Vegetables?!”

[Credit: Disney — Pixar]

The trailer opens with Violet ever so calming asking Dash if he’s washed his hands. He goes back to wash his hands twice before he shakes the excess water off before he eats. A moment later, Helen pushes a container of vegetables in front of him.

Dash questions who ordered the vegetables with his mother telling him she did. Helen places the vegetables on Dash’s plate as he looks down at them in disgust.

Violet breaks the awkward silence by asking about the elephant in the room. Bob, with his mouth full questions her before she mentions Helen’s new job as a solo superhero.

New Opportunities To Bring Heroes Back Out Into the Open

[Credit: Disney — Pixar]

We meet new character Winston Deavor who wants to bring heroes out of hiding. He calls upon Bob, Helen and Lucius — under their superhero names — to discuss making this possible. He explains that the only person who can make it happen is Elastigirl. Bob, of course, is unhappy with this and is thrown a pissed off look by his wife. Deavor declares they just need to get the people’s trust once more.

Every Hero’s Fantasy: A New House With A Lair

[Credit: Disney — Pixar]

Since the Parr house was destroyed in the first film, the family moves into a new house, thanks to Helen’s new job. The house has everything a superhero could possibly want. This includes an underground, secret lair and technological toys.

From what’s shown, Dash loves the house and practically thanks his mother’s new job.

Helen even gets her own motorcycle. Judging by the sigil on the side of her motorcycle, it appears that Edna may or may not have had something to do with it.

Bob says he’ll watch the kids and that everything will be okay. However, he doesn’t expect Jack-Jack’s powers to unleash their destructive properties.

Three Kids, Single Parenthood And An Out Of Control Baby… It’ll Be A Breeze… Right?

[Credit: Disney — Pixar]

When Bob agreed to care for the kids, he didn’t expect it to be sooo… difficult? Complicated? Let’s just stick with ‘difficult’, shall we?

Anyhow, Bob has to deal with a hormonal and antsy Violet who tries to shred her super suit. He even tries to help Dash with his maths homework only to get the shits with the textbook. He even bears witness to Jack-Jack coming into his multitude of powers.

We see them struggling to cope with their everyday lives without their mother being there to deal with the drama.

Violet tries to shred her super suit in the trash compactor while Dash asks if she’s going through adolescence. When the suit refuses to die, she snarls at it and throws it at the wall as her father and brothers watch on. That should a great scene to watch when the film finally comes out. Oooh! It gives me Goosebumps just thinking about it!

When Helen rings to check up on everyone, Bob lies and says everything’s fine. Now, I dunno about you, but if my baby was shooting lasers out of his eyes as well as bursting into flames I’d be at my wits end too. Also, if my teenage daughter was constantly pissed at you, I’d be pretty worried. I’m wondering if Helen buys into Bob’s big white lie.

When Bob becomes desperate, he calls upon his best pal, Lucius for an assist. Though the man known to the world as Frozone isn’t much help as he freaks out when Jack-Jack goes nearly critical.

Yeah, if I saw an exploding baby I would be freaking out as well. What makes it even more freaky is the idea that Jack-Jack only flames up because he knows his father will not give him cookies.

Action Appears To Be The Parr Family’s Weapon Of Choice

[Credit: Disney — Pixar]

There’s a series of action snippets that play out with have the Parrs in action.

We see Helen in both her costumes while in action as she throws herself out of helicopters and on her motorbike from earlier in the trailer. Dash is also seen running through what looks like portals with his baby brother.

Meanwhile, we see Violet using her powers and it appears her abilities have intensified between the events of both films. It appears that she’s now able to summon force fields and throw them in ways she had never been able to do before. Awesome!

Edna ‘No Capes’ Mode Is Back!

[Credit: Disney — Pixar]

Everybody’s favourite cape-hating fashion designer is back. It appears she’s become Bob’s go-to for help after Lucius. She appears just prior to the end of the trailer where Bob goes to her when he begins having trouble with Jack-Jack.

During the short time she has in the trailer, she has Jack-Jack put in a power-proof room only for the infant to combust. She has to explain it to a frantic Bob who cannot believe that his infant son could combust any moment. Of course, Jack-Jack does combust and bursts into a fireball.

What Is It With Villains And Masks?

[Credit: Disney — Pixar]

Towards the end of the trailer, we see what appears to be an old television screen. A villain in a mask (sooo ironic!) threatens people while hypnotising them. Hmm… I wonder if they were inspired by Hypno-Toad from Futurama. Not to mention, the villain has a very Darth-Vader-esque vibe to them. Wonder who it could be.

Frozone Found His Super Suit!

The last clip of the trailer shows Bob on the phone to Lucius, telling him they have an emergency. Lucius tells him he’ll be there before he rushes to his superset which has been found. We soon hear his wife, Honey scolding him before he just ignores her and takes his suit.


What a trailer! As a fan, I have waited YEARS for a sequel. There was a moment where I gave up hope that there would be. Just seeing my favourite superhero family back in this trailer and the one that was played during the Olympics made my hope real again. I cannot wait for this film and I know fans are going to love this film, no matter how old they are.