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‘Titans’: What We Know So Far

‘Teen Titans Go!’ [Credit: DC Comics]

From the moment it was announced the Teen Titans were heading to the silver screen as ‘Titans’, fans went gaga. They went crazy over the possibility of their favourite Teen Titans coming to life.

While the first season of the show has just wrapped filming, the show is due to begin airing on the DC Streaming service, DC Universe sometime in mid-late 2018. With that said, there is still a lot of information we don’t know about the series. An example being when we’ll get that first trailer and so on.

Here we will explore what we know about the series and images that have been officially released.


You can’t have a show without actors. The cast was unveiled very slowly to add anticipation.

  • Brenton Thwaites as Richard “Dick” Grayson/Robin/Nightwing: The first actor cast, Thwaites will play Dick Grayson. It’s currently unclear as to whether Dick is operating under his Robin persona when the series begins. However, from what we do know, he will begin the series as a detective. Dick’s detective career is a nod to the early version of the character.
  • Anna Diop as Koriand’r/Starfire: The role of Alien Princess Koriand’r will be played by, Anna Diop. A leaked set photo showed Diop donning the Starfire costume and a pink curly wig. Fans were outraged to the point where many remarks were racist. Diop jumped on social media and addressed the issue. She said it was unfortunate the images leaked when they did and that she did not condone racism. She also said that what she was spotted wearing won’t be the final product.
  • Ryan Potter as Garfield “Gar” Logan/Beast Boy: Ryan Potter has been cast as Garfield Logan a.k.a Beast Boy. Potter was the fan favourite for the role. Potter mentioned on social media he got to wear green body paint for his scenes where Gar’s all green. Also, when set photos leaked, Potter was spotted with part of his hair dyed green
  • Teagan Croft as Raven: Like castmate Brenton Thwaites, Teagan Croft is an Australian. In the series, she plays Raven, a young mystic empath who is the daughter of a demon. An early look of her costume appeared in the same leaked photo as Ryan Potter’s Beast Boy costume reveal.
  • Alan Ritchson as Hank Hall/Hawk: Fans of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles might recognise the name Alan Ritchson. Ritchson played the hot-headed Raphael in the recent live-action TMNT films. In Titans, Ritchson is playing Hank Hall better known as Hawk, one half of a superhero duo. Hawk has the ability of danger sense transformation. His partner in crime is his girlfriend, Dawn Granger who is Dove.
  • Minka Kelly as Dawn Granger/Dove: Minka Kelly stars alongside Alan Ritchson as Dawn Granger. Dawn is the girlfriend and counterpart of Hawk. Dove is the pacifist of the pair and like Hawk has the ability of danger sense transformation. However, she be in the presence of danger for the transformation to work and she must say ‘Dove’ for the ability to activate.

Other characters that will appear include Amy Rohrbach,Niles Caulder/Chief, Rita Farr/Elasti-Girl, Clifford Steele/Robotman and Larry Trainor/ Negative Man. Due to two episode titles, it’s likely that Jason Todd/Robin #2/Red Hood and Donna Troy/Wonder Girl #1 will appear in the series. Casting calls have eluded that Batman might appear in flashbacks of Dick’s youth.

Episode Titles

Every television series needs episode names that relate to the story. The Arrowverse does it all the time. Each episode gives a small hint as to what will happen in that episode. Note: These episode titles may be subject to change.

1. Titans (Pilot)

2. Hawk and Dove

3. Starfire

4. Rachel

5. The Doom Patrol

6. The Messenger

7. Jason Todd

8. Angela

9. Donna Troy

Official Images

First Look: Hawk (Hank Hall) and Dove (Dawn Granger)
First Look: Robin (Richard “Dick” Grayson)
Official ‘Titans’ Title Art


Fans have been waiting months to hear new information about the plot of the show. While we’re still waiting for an official synopsis, rumours have surfaced as to what may go down in the show. The show’s only in its Freshman season. Though, just because these rumours might not be true for for the first season, doesn’t mean they won’t happen in later seasons.

An Appearance From Damian Wayne

For anyone who doesn’t know Damian Wayne, let’s refresh. Damien Wayne is the son of Batman whose mother is Talia Al Ghul. Yep. Damian is an Heir to the Demon. Moving on!

Upon meeting his father, Damian becomes the fifth Robin. He is also the adoptive younger brother of Bruce’s adoptive son, Dick Grayson. Damian’s predecessors include Dick, Jason Todd, Tim Drake and Stephanie Brown.

An Appearance From Barbara Gordon

Who doesn’t know Commissioner Jim Gordon’s daughter? Over the years, Babs has gone under two alias; Batgirl while she served as an ally of Batman for years. Her second alias was Oracle after she was forced to retire as Batgirl after she was paralysed by The Joker.

Barbara later went on to form Birds of Prey alongside Black Canary and Huntress and other heroes.

A Crossover with the Arrowverse

When the series was announced, it was confirmed that Greg Berlanti, the guy behind the success of the Arrowverse was an executive producer. Because Berlanti is associated, it became assumed Titans would crossover. The same was assumed of Black Lightning, despite the reference to Supergirl in its first Season.

Many members of the Arrowverse in terms of the characters have appeared in the comics as being members of the Teen Titans. Such members include Speedy, Arsenal and Kid Flash. Heck, there have also been rumours that they were casting Roy Harper for Titans. Not Colton Haynes from Arrow, a completely different version of Arsenal to the Arrowverse version.

Raven’s Father Trigon Appears

We know that Raven is a massive part of the show as she’s part of the main cast. However, its likely we’ll get a look into her background including her father, the demon known as Trigon. Fans of Raven will know that the comic book version of the character constantly has to fight to keep her demonic side at bay. If she allows it to become uncontrollable, her father will be unleashed. With the help of her teammates, Raven is able to banish Trigon once and for all.

The show will stay faithful to Starfire and Nightwing’s Romance

For comic book fans, Kori and Dick’s relationship is just as legendary as Dick’s relationship with Barbara. After all, he has almost married the two of them on totally separate occasions.

However, the show’s creators will probably put the relationship on the back burner, at least for the first season. This might sound like a broken record, but think about it. The first season is generally used to flush out everything from characters to locations to storylines. If the series gets confirmed for a second season, that could mean that fans will see the relationship between the two Titans begin to take root.

The Judas Contract

One of the most famous Teen Titans storylines is The Judas Contract. Heck, the storyline was even adapted as an animated film.

What makes the story so famous is couple of factors: Wally West retires as Kid Flash and Dick retires as Robin, passing the mantle to Jason Todd. Dick later comes back as Nightwing. From the first photo of Dick released for the series, he was seen in his Robin getup. Just from this, we know he’s not Nightwing. At least, not yet. If the show runners do decide to incorporate The Judas Contract, they would have to work around not having Kid Flash, Cyborg and Batgirl.

It could be possible that they uses elements of the storyline and not the whole thing. The question most people would ask is why not use the whole storyline? Easy. Thirteen episodes isn’t enough time to flush out a long storyline. Television series have functioned with only thirteen episodes in the past. If The Judas Contract is used as a storyline, it would take longer to flesh out.

Unconfirmed Castings

With the first season of Titans now completed filming, we know the core cast. There have been reports of other characters. However, no casting announcements have been made. The characters include:

Jason Todd

Going by the list of episode titles released so far, the title for episode 7 is ‘Jason Todd’.

DC and Batman fans will know Jason Todd as the second Robin a.k.a Dick’s replacement. Unlike Dick, Jason was nowhere near as popular as Dick and was killed off in 1988’s Batman: A Death In The Family. The writers asked the fans via a phone poll whether they should kill Jason off. The fans said yes.

As for his portrayal for Titans, it’s unknown as to how they introduce him. One assumption could be Jason’s introduction could spell the end of Dick’s time as Robin and into his Nightwing persona.

It’s rumoured that Curran Walters has been cast as the doomed Robin.

Donna Troy

It’s been speculated for a while that the original Wonder Girl and protégé to WonderWoman, Donna Troy is set to make her live action debut in Titans. However, no casting announcement has been made, despite the ninth episode being called ‘Donna Troy’.

Because the character will appear late in the game, it’s possible the character could get promoted for Season 2, if there is one.

It’s rumoured the role of Donna Troy will be played by Conor Leslie.


You can’t have any form of Robin without Batman being mentioned or seen at some point. Entertainment site, CBR released this casting call in mid-December 2017:

[DAVE STORY] Male, mid 30s-40s, Caucasian. The downfalls of others only make this man stronger. Polished. Unwavering. Think a young Jack Nicholson. RECURRING GUEST STAR.

“Dave Story” is just a cover name. You’ll see that the characteristics match Bruce Wayne/Batman to a tee.


In early 2018, a casting call for a character allegedly called “Monica Saini” surfaced. Entertainment site Screen Rant has reason to believe the call could be for the short-lived Teen Titan, Solstice:

MONICA SAINI — Female, early 20s-early 30s, East Indian. Has the mentality of a survivor and the scars along with it. Unsettled and a little unusual. Orphan. Limited dialogue in her first appearance. Must be familiar with Hindi. POSSIBLY RECURRING GUEST STAR


The father of Raven, Trigon was always going to be a villain that would be used in Titans, not what the capacity might be. The casting calling — according to Heroic Hollywood reads:

[EVAN LOGUE]: Male, Late 30s-40s, Caucasian. Charismatic. A cult leader attempting to reunite his family. Central role for series finale. RECURRING GUEST STAR. Please submit star/cameo names. Casting early for wardrobe but the role works Ep. 111 (04/09–04/19) and Ep. 112 (04/19–05/01)

The Acolyte

It’s currently unknown to as who the big bad of Titans will be. Though, it seems to be pointing towards comic book big bad, Acolyte, according to Super Bro Movies:

The Acolyte — Male. African-American 40–50. Confident. The villain of our story. He is after Rachel and her powers, trying to kidnap her after he murders her mother.


If the show runners of Titans are bringing in Trigon, why not bring in Raven’s mother, Arella as well? Here’s the likely casting call:

[CAROLINE] Female, 40s, Caucasian. Forever sleepless with worry, she’s the mother to a young, troubled teen. Seeking a recognizable cameo face or name. GUEST STAR.


With no start date in sight, Titans will remain a mystery until they release a trailer. This writer cannot wait to see this show watch this series. There might be limited information o the series, but that doesn’t mean the series isn’t around the corner. Stay tuned to WonderPopCulture for more information.