Welcome To WonderPopCulture

Welcome one and all to WonderPopCulture! This publication was born out of one young woman’s love of pop culture. So, just how did this publication come about?

When it was announced that Movie Pilot’s Creator program was shutting down, I was devastated. I was just beginning to find my feet and was on the path to becoming verified. All that changed when I received an email from one of the head community managers explaining what was going on. Since joining the site, I have worked too hard to have my articles go to waste. It was announced also the shutdown date is none other than my birthday December 1. That was when I decided to create WonderPopCulture. Slowly but surely, most of my Creator articles will end up here.

After my articles from Creator are published here, I will continue to write articles for this publication.

So, I humbly ask everyone who is reading this and my articles to share, comment and follow. I would love the feedback. Hopefully, I will begin accepting writers so stay tuned for any announcements.