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What A Purr-Fect Idea! Why Halle Berry’s ‘Catwoman’ Needs A Proper Reboot

[Credit: Warner Brothers]

Every comic book fan would know the basis of the character Catwoman. Since her introduction, she has always been a thorn in Batman’s side and not just as an enemy, but as a lover to the caped crusader. However, how many of you remember Halle Berry’s short stint as The Cat herself? Hmm… very few takers. That’s okay. Talk about the worst excuse for a superhero film ever. Yep, we’re talking about Pitof’s 2004 box office flop, Catwoman.

Catwoman was a massive flop due to the issues with the acting, the characterisation of Catwoman herself and the storyline. The film tells the story of Patience Phillips, a shy young woman who dies and is brought back to life by Egyptian cats. Due to her resurrection, Patience gains cat-like abilities. She then dresses up in all leather and fights crime. This is far from the Catwoman we know and love. The film was only loosely by Selina Kyle’s Catwoman and was aiming for something more ‘original’.

Why ‘Catwoman’ Fell Short And How A Reboot Could Fix The Issue

When you think ‘Catwoman’, you immediately think Selina Kyle and Batman. When the film entitled Catwoman hit cinema screens in 2004, it was definitely not what fans were expecting to see. They thought they would see Selina Kyle in her first solo film. For anyone who has seen the film will have cringed.

1. Characterisation

From the very second the film starts, the audience immediately picks up on the fact, something isn’t right with the character of Patience Phillips, who is the replacement of Selina Kyle. She doesn’t even hold a candle to Selina as a character. She’s shy and awkward and can’t stand up for herself the way Selina can. When Patience dies and is resurrected by cats, Patience begins to fight crime, dressed in a cat-like mask and all leather, that leaves virtually nothing to the imagination of the audience. Patience becomes overly sexualised and doesn’t serve as a positive role model for young girls.

2. Storyline

Catwoman’s initial storyline is an origin story… just, not the correct one. The plot of the film is stale, right from the beginning, with Patience being murdered and revived. Sounds like something from a film on Egyptian mythology.

If DC does consider giving the film a new lease on life, it would be best to strip the film back to its foundation, starting with the storyline and stripping it of its under-baked characters.

3. Ties To Previous DCEU Media

Despite the film’s title being ‘Catwoman’, there are very few references — none in act — to any DC source, including the Bat family, in which Selina Kyle is seen as a member. The only reference to previous media is a photo of Michelle Pfeiffer when she played the Selina Kyle Catwoman in the ’90s.

In recent years it has been announced there will be solo films based off Barbara Gordon’s Batgirl and Dick Grayson’s Nightwing. Since these films are being developed, there could be a chance Selina earns herself a mention, because of her ties to Batman.

Director of Suicide Squad, David Ayers wants to do a film adaptation of Gotham City Sirens, in which Selina is a member alongside Poison Ivy and Harley Quinn. If the film ends up going ahead and is successful, it could open a door for a Catwoman reboot.

Three Storylines That Could Be Used For a Reboot

Nothing says a superhero film better than going straight to the source… Literally. For anyone that has read the original Batman comics will know Selina’s origin story.

Catwoman: Her Sister’s Keeper

Selina is found near death in an alley. Finding herself in a hospital room, Selina meets GCPD cop George Flannery, who tells her to report her pimp, Stan. Meanwhile, Selina’s sister Magdalene “Maggie” prays for her recovery.

After an incident at her apartment with Stan, Selina calls former boxing champion, Ted Grant. Grant trains her to defend herself and asks her to cut her hair short. Before confronting Stan, Selina dons the catsuit he gave her.

Slam Bradley: Trail Of The Catwoman

A sequel of sorts to the Catwoman comic series, the Slam Bradley storyline has Bradley go in search of Selina who is presumed dead by the GCPD.

Bradley manages to track down Bruce Wayne, Selina’s ex and is thrown out of his office. Knowing the police think Selina is dead, Bradley searches for another angle: seek out Selina Kyle, who is believed to be Catwoman’s killer. What Bradley isn’t aware of, is Selina and Catwoman are the same woman.

Batman: Sisters In Arms

After Jim Gordon ends up in the hospital, Sara Essen seeks out Catwoman. Meanwhile, Bruce Wayne allies himself with Joe Potato while investigating the white slave trade.

Essen discovers Selina living with a young woman named Arizona. Arizona is a young woman who reminds Selina of her friend, Holly Robinson, who also went under the Catwoman moniker.


In conclusion, there is a stack load of evidence to why Catwoman would be ideal for a reboot. From the storyline to the character, Selina Kyle is more than a femme fatale with a cat fetish. It is important to realise Selina’s significance to the Batman franchise and to DC. Understandingly, people forget about the Catwoman film because of its loose ties to the original sources.