Learn how to use Kotlin delegates to defer your interface implementation and reduce code!

Key points from this:

Ok, so what does it mean?


Google has released this very easy to use library to store shared preferences securely

Store server JWT token

Performance Management

We all need people who will give us feedback. That is one of the ways we improve. In the workplace, feedback becomes even more critical for addressing performance gaps and recognizing exemplary work…

The Two Types Of Regular Feedback

1. Stay Grounded In Goals

2. Recognise And Reinforce Strong Performace

Performance Management

Creating goals that teams and organisations will accomplish isn’t just a matter of defining what needs doing; you also have to spell out the specifics of getting it done

Performance Management

As a founder or a manager, defining the goals for the employees is one of your key responsibilities

Performance Management

The SMART test constructs the goal appropriately; however, it may not mean that goal is valuable to the company or organisation.


“So… How does it feel to work for yourself?” — this is something I get asked too often since I started to venture into my startup


How to access Retrofit or custom parameters in an Android RxWorker class. I’ll guide you step by step how we can achieve that using Dagger. Read on!


If you’re building an application that has a considerable amount of local database usage with a lot of tables, you will come across this problem at least once where you need to write custom queries

Enter @RawQuery


Write To Relate

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