Launching WONDR

Have you ever been curious about something you’d like to do, but not sure where to start? Or perhaps you’re constantly browsing or thinking about a topic, a career, a hobby or a life goal but never really taking action towards it?

Well we’re developing WONDR as a platform to

  • Support you with the topics, interests and passions that you want to explore
  • Help you save valuable insights
  • Connect with likeminded people who’ve been-there-done-that
  • and to encourage you to follow your curiosity about the world.

Follow your curiosity and explore the topics you’re most interested in.

Passionate about the Environment? WONDR it!
Where there is a gap in knowledge, fear fills the void.

Whether you’re looking into a career, a hobby or just when you’re looking for inspiration to learn something new, we all lean on the Internet and our social networks to research and find out more.

But then you realise it’s complete chaos: information everywhere and infinite paths to take.

Information overload!

The Internet’s Chaos. Organise It — then hold yourself accountable.

WONDR enables you to capture experiences, insights and stories that you find useful while you browse the topics that matter to you.

Create Boards of your Content

By breaking down large topics into smaller segments, you can start to shape the areas that you need to learn about to get a better overall understanding. We call these Focus’.

Wondr Focus Areas — Visual Representation Only

Using WONDR helps you build up knowledge and understanding of the subjects that interest you most in easy to organise areas for later reference.

Add thoughts about what you learned and what was important about those insights. Then set yourself a deadline on what you need to learn next!

When you set a deadline, you’re 40% more likely to achieve your goal as you aim to learn what you need next. Plus, we’ll drop you an email reminder of your deadlines, just in case you’re busy binging GOT or House of Cards…

Even when something really interests us, the fear of the unknown can take hold and prevent us from taking action.

So, we want to encourage and assist you to take the steps towards doing more of what you love!

Curious of where to travel next? — WONDR it!

Connect with Likeminded People

Whatever stage you’re at; first-timer, beginners or even expert, the journey should never end and our ambitions should always be nurtured. That’s why we’re bringing community to the network (October/November 2017):

  • Public profiles to discover new content and experienced people
  • Collaborate with likeminded people to share information and advice
  • Group discussions, with the potential for experts to host Q&As for larger scale information discovery and expert opinion.

Free Sign Up for Early Users


Granted, right now, we’re just putting the foundations in place, but we want to work with you personally, to develop the platform so it can deliver more and more value for you.

We believe in a world where everyone is supported to discover and pursue their interests and passions.
We want to encourage everyone to find meaningful and purposeful interactions so they may do more of the stuff that they love.

We decided to brand ourselves WONDR because we want you to follow your curiosities and the interests you have.

We believe that a passion and a sense of purpose is only realised when pursuing something you are interested in. It is only sustained through a desire to learn and explore (and not necessarily in just one topic).

As humans, we have many different sides to our personality and we mustn’t be afraid to explore and celebrate those sides.

Mad on Music!? — WONDR it!

So, ‘wonder’ seemed to tick all the right boxes for us.

What you can do right now

We’ve recently released the landing page for people to register their interest and be one of the first on the platform — — so feel free to get signed up and see more of what we have in store.

Update: April 2017 — You can now request an invitation to trial the first version of the platform and start building your ‘Wondrs’ in the things you love.

Update: July 2017 — Read more about the features we’re releasing early August 2017.

Update: August 2017 — Launched ways for you to break down topics, save notes, set reminders and stay more organised with your stash.

Sign up now for your free account to try out the features for yourself.

We’re always working on new features and ideas, so if you want to ask any questions or learn more about what we’re doing, don’t hesitate to drop us an email at or join us on social media.

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