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April 11, 2017

It’s Tuesday. Yesterday, Alabama governor Robert Bentley resigned after a year-long investigation into his misuse of public resources to cover up an extramarital affair with one of his staffers. In other headline news, a murder-suicide at an elementary school in San Bernadino left a teacher and her student dead, along with the shooter; a district court judge in Texas ruled that the state’s voter ID laws unfairly discriminated against Hispanic voters; a United Airlines flight’s violent ejection of a passenger went viral; and the Pulitzer committee announced this year’s winners for journalism and literature, notably David Fahrenthold of the Washington Post for his reporting on Donald Trump’s charitable activities and author Colson Whitehead for his novel “The Underground Railroad.”

Anyway, good luck on the day ahead and thanks for checking out the newsletter.


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Science and Health

  • In yesterday’s episode of “Fresh Air” from NPR, host Terry Gross interviews Dr. Elizabeth Rosenthal of Kaiser Health News on her new book “An American Sickness” detailing the inefficiencies and perverse incentives for fees in the health care industry.


  • Lindsey Adler of Deadspin takes down The New York Times public editor Liz Spayd over Spayd’s misinformed response to criticism of the paper’s Sports Section, criticizing the lack of communication between editors within the paper or an understanding of the current climate of sports journalism by the paper’s public editor.


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