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Letter sent on Aug 28, 2017

The News

August 29, 2017

It’s Tuesday. In top news, Houston and its surrounding areas continued to deal with the crisis created by Hurricane Harvey, with the death toll climbing to a 8–10 fatalities and at least 30,000 in need of shelter. While the winds have subsided, the rain brought by the storm will continue throughout the week, bringing an estimated two feet of rain with it.

In headline news, North Korea launched missile a test over Japan, heightening tensions in the Pacific; Whole Foods sharply reduced food prices following its acquisition by Amazon; and the Washington Post reported that a top aide to the Trump Organization engaged in email correspondence with a spokesman for Vladimir Putin during the 2016 election to build support for building a Trump Tower Moscow.

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  • The New York Times examines the transformation of Hezbollah from a Lebanese militia organized to fight Israel to a proxy group shoring up Iranian interests throughout the Arab-speaking world, notably in Syria and Iraq.

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