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Letter sent on Feb 24, 2017

The News

February 24, 2017

It’s finally Friday! In headline news, details emerged revealing inappropriate communications between the White House and the FBI over allegations of illegal ties between the president’s advisors and Russia; the Department of Justice reversed Obama-era plans to scale back use of private prisons; White House chief strategist and alt-right provocateur Steve Bannon denounced the media in a speech before the Conservative Political Action Conference; and autopsy reports found that assailants used the chemical VX in the murder of Kim Jong-nam, the brother of North Korean dictator Kim Jong-un.

Keep an eye out for this weekend’s Democratic Party leadership meeting (see below), enjoy the Oscars, and catch up on some of our previous newsletters if you’re a little behind on our news selections. Have a great weekend!


The Wonks Team


  • The New York Times reports on the state of the Democratic Party as its leaders struggle to craft a coherent message of opposition to the Trump administration as well as choose their next party chair during this weekend’s party leadership summit in Atlanta.

Public Policy and Health

  • NPR writes about how public health officials declare a famine — which includes establishing baseline rates for food insecurity, weather conditions, and cooperation from international organizations — and explains how those conditions currently apply to the current famine in South Sudan.


  • Dan Favale of Bleacher Report grades the final trades made during this season’s NBA trade deadline, evaluating how each party performed in a two-team deal in terms of roster needs and salary cap restrictions.


  • David Edelstein of Vulture reviews the new horror movie “Get Out,” the directorial debut of comedian and actor Jordan Peele of “Key & Peele,” which satirizes the subtle prejudices of educated white liberals.