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Letter sent on Mar 26, 2017

The News

March 27, 2017

Welcome back to the business week! It’s Monday. Today kicks off the final week of March and we’re fresh off a weekend of heightened political headlines. For starters, Friday kicked off with the House Republicans dropping their bid to repeal the Affordable Care Act after acknowledging that they lacked sufficient support from their own party for bill’s survival, dealing the first major legislative defeat to the fledgling Trump administration. The governing party will now need to regroup and plans to shift their agenda towards reforming the tax code. Meanwhile, the second weekend of March Madness wrapped up, with South Carolina continuing its Cinderella run towards the Final Four after upsetting Florida.

Anyway, good luck on the week ahead and enjoy the spring weather.


The Wonks Team


  • The New York Times examines the warring factions of the Republican Party and how President Trump will receive the blame for failing to forge a compromise between the established party leadership and the ultra-conservative wing of the party seeking to retrench the authority of the federal government.

Public Policy

Business and Economy

Science and Health

  • Quartz writes about the symbolism of Earth Hour — where cities shut down the power from major landmarks for 60 minutes — along with the recorded energy savings and a photo gallery of depowered landmarks from this year’s acknowledgement of the hour.



  • Kevin Lincoln of Vulture analyzes the weekend’s movie box office returns, observing the risks of marketing an original film with the recent disappointments of space-oriented movies such as “Passengers” and this weekend’s leading flop “Life.”
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