Gregorius Yoga Pratama Is Ready to Create Positive Value at Woobiz

Indah Pertiwi
Apr 24, 2019 · Unlisted
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An essential skill for anyone working in corporate strategy is the ability to focus and create a compelling story. It sounds simple, but multiple challenges and opportunities come across on the role, understanding competitors, potential partners, product development, and other factors.

At Woobiz, we have Gregorius Yoga Pratama as our Corporate Strategy Associate; Yoga told us why he’s interested in joining Woobiz. Woobiz’s mission attracts him, “Woobiz provides me with chances to have a direct impact in the community. Also, I always look for challenges, and by joining Woobiz, I believe it will be fun, dynamic and challenging, and that’s a place that I want to work at”, said Yoga.

Women and micro-entrepreneurs empowerment also the reason why Yoga excited to join with Woobiz. He said that “Women empowerment are still uneven. The gap of women empowerment in big cities with small cities are vast. In big cities, women empowerment is one of the main concern that everyone is trying to solve, while in smaller cities, people tend to ignore it. I believe that by trying to close the gap, there will be a huge positive impact, not only to the women but to everyone in the communities.”

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Corporate strategy roles can take several different forms of skillset, requiring experience in corporate finance or management consulting, ability to understand data-driven business analysis. Yoga had a previous career history in investment and corporate finance. He has worked in Financial Advisory, Venture Capital and Corporate Holding firm.

Through his work, he has responsibility for industry research, financial modeling, IPO structuring, investment, and project valuation. He has experience in a publicly traded company, supported financial analysis and reporting to financial regulators and public.

After his experience in a corporate holding, Yoga is challenged to work in a startup. He is looking to work in an agile, challenging and dynamic working environment. He believes that by working in Woobiz, this can fulfill his interest and passion. “Joining Woobiz, a start-up offers huge potential along with the uncertainty, and I’m attracted to that part as well,” add him.

Along with his past experience, Yoga got influenced by career advice, “There’s a time for everything. We need to do our best and gain experience while at it, and good things will naturally come to us.”

“Due to my prior exposure in investment focus environment, I learn that investors look for scalability and sustainability, and by applying knowledge from my past career experience, I could better develop strategies and insight for Woobiz that bring positive value that’ll align with what investors look for,” told Yoga.

Here at Woobiz, Yoga’s roles are to help us identify the needs of the corporate, and simultaneously develop conforming plans to create positive value. “Tapping my fullest potential. I believe that I will have rapid potential growth as a person and professional due to joining Woobiz”, closed Yoga.


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