Digital learning: 6 figures to keep in mind

Jonathan Alzetta
Jan 20, 2017 · 2 min read

Digitalization is becoming a growing reality for training managers.

Each company has to adapt to new methods and the needs of their employees. How to choose ? What are the trends and important numbers as of today ?

53%: The number of enterprises which have adopted blended learning. This number depends on the number of employees and the type of company. Typically, the more workers it has, the more the company mixes pedagogic methods.

-5%: With the development of blended and digital learning, pure face-to-face training sessions have diminished by 5%.

31%: This number represents the proportion of people who consider virtual classes to be efficient, which is 6 -10% more than in the past few years.

70–90%: This is the percentage of skills that employees need on a daily basis that are acquired while working. Informal learning skills are completed by formal and more hands-on training techniques such as seminars, traditional training sessions, workshops and classes. Both formal and informal learning have important elements that lead to employee development. Achieving a balance between these two is the key to an engaged and skilled worker.

23: The average adult spends 23 days a year using their smartphone. This means that it is important to make learning not only digital but also mobile friendly, to give learners access to the learning material anytime and anywhere.

4: People learn in various ways, here are 4 of them:

  • Observation: Some people will learn better if they have the opportunity to watch someone do it first;
  • Inquiring: Those people will go through a whole process to understand the content: inquire, consult, evaluate and finalize;
  • Experimentation: Learners might understand something better if they can take part in the particular task. The best way for them to learn is the “trial and error” method;
  • Patterning: This last category of employees will need a step-by-step guide for the task they have to learn to create a pattern.

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