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Recharging the Batteries

The first official Woodies Weekend is a wrap, what a blast!

Last Friday (August 12th, 2022) a group of EU based Woodies holders got together for an adventure weekend in the Austrian Alps. We met in the small alpine town of Umhausen and checked-in to the outdoor focused Explorer Hotel. After travelling from far and wide we took some time to freshen up before setting out on our first hike together.

The hike was roughly 4 miles/6.5 km there and back that followed a river that flowed through the mountains. On the way up we shared stories of our experience in the Web3 and NFT space, not forgetting everything that goes on outside of the space! At the top of the hike, we were silenced by the stunning view of Stuibenfall waterfall.

Stuibenfall Waterfall

While we were basking in the ambiance of the waterfall, we noticed an overhang leading up to the very top of the waterfall…we could not pass up on the views. So, we pushed forward…

After passing over the over hanging bridge we came across a platform that allows you to get very close to the waterfall. So close in fact that you were soaked from the spray. Hearing and seeing the waterfall up close was a great reminder of their shear power and force, also a welcome relief from the heat and humidity!

As we continued forward, we were rewarded with that “I’m on top of the world” feeling after reaching the peak/top of our hike. Surrounded on all sides by The Alps the views were breathtaking, mother nature at its finest!

After we made are way back to our hotel for a sauna, a shower and a warm meal the first game of the weekend began…trivia! Naturally all about the Woodies and the Lore of course! Richard was the unofficial winner of this round (as we all hoped he would be 😉). Then off to bed for a good night’s rest before the next adventure! Not something many of us are used to being in the space.

Pre-rafting Safety Briefing

Saturday was River Rafting Day! Upon arriving at breakfast you could feel the nervous excitement for the day’s activity in the air. For some this would be the first time ever rafting, for others it had been some time. However, after seeing the confidence of the instructors and being reassured the trip would be safe and fun we were ready to get started. We were kitted out with wetsuits, helmets and life jackets and set off on the bus to the location we we would launch the rafts. We thought we were ready…but MAN THAT WATER WAS FRESH! No wonder being that the river is glacier fed. Thank goodness for the wet suits.

With the twist and turns of the river coupled with the various rapids we were challenged in the perfect way (some even ready for more after). During those moments of calm there was a lot of fun and frolicking around, so much so, in fact i’m not sure what percentage of the time was actually spent in the river as opposed to in the boat. Overall it was a lot of fun and next time we’ll definitely need to take a GoPro, the photos provided by Area 47 give a great sense of the fun we had!

With all that hard work it was time for FOOD, relaxation, and more games at the water area in Area 47. This time around we were able to prepare/learn how fight off the logger! Let’s just say a lot of marshmallows were lost in battle.

The next day with many needing to get back to family and prepare for the workday on Monday. We had one more breakfast together at the hotel and announced the total standings of all the games! With that came the top 4 receiving a choice of one of the special collaborative Eastpak x National Geographic backpacks provided to us especially for the Woodies Weekend Prizes. A big thank you to Eastpak for providing such perfectly fitting prizes.

For the Woodie Holders with a later departure time, we took the opportunity to go on one last hike together. A perfect way to end the weekend. All in all, the weekend was filled with stunning views, awesome adventure, but most importantly great bonding time within the Woodies community.

The next Woodies Weekend planning is in the works…this time we will be hosting it in the USA so keep an eye out for details.



Woodies is a collection of 9,739 avatars created by UltraDAO. But this isn’t just another avatar project. It is a new universe rich in storytelling and characters with big plans for the future including metaverse integrations and content adapted for TV, comics, books, and more.

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