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As believers, we know what it’s like to experience the fruits of the Spirit, such as peace and joy. However, there are times in each of our lives where those fruits seem too far out of reach to grasp. How do we handle hardships, doubt, and emotional pain as followers of Jesus? How do we bring this pain to God?

Our Woodside Staff has put together a resource list filled with books, blogs, Link episodes, and more to help you navigate seasons of hardship and lament in your life. We hope you are encouraged by these resources. Additionally, if you or a loved one are struggling and would like to talk with someone, we would love to meet you and walk alongside you through whatever season of affliction you’re in. Click here to contact us.

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Dark Clouds, Deep Mercy: Discovering the Grace of Lamentby Mark Vroegop

When I Don’t Desire God: How to Fight for Joy — by John Piper

Weep With Me: How Lament Opens the Door for Racial Reconciliationby Mark Vroegop

With Those Who Weep by S.A. Morrison

Prayer in the Night by Tish Harrison Warren

Enjoying God — by Tim Chester


To the Person Experiencing Pain and Sorrow by Justine Miles

What to Do When Hope Seems Lost — by Ryan Nast

Finding Hope Amid Chaos — by Beverly King

4 Truths for Navigating Difficult Seasons— by Samantha Johns

Learning the Song of Lament by Justine Miles


Good Mourning Sermon SeriesWhen faced with profound loss, hardship, and turmoil, where do we go with the aching of our hearts? Does God care to step into our suffering — or is He indifferent to our pain? Join us for Good Mourning, as we learn from the cries of Israel recorded in the book of Lamentations. Together, we’ll discover how to take our sorrows to the Savior.

Types of SufferingWe invite you to experience a spoken word poem, “Types of Suffering,” written and performed by a member of our Troy Campus, Russell Mukes. We hope you’re encouraged by the truth Russell shares about the sorrows of this life and the enduring hope we have in Jesus Christ.

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